Phi Phi Islands Private Speedboat Tour From Krabi

🚨 Important: This Tour is Only Suitable For Guests Staying at Least 2 Nights in Town, on Phi Phi Don Island.

Full Day Phi Phi Island Shared Group Speedboat Tour [From Phi Phi: Public Tour]

This tour is operated by Arisa Speedboat Group, and Five Star Thailand only facilitates the booking process. The cost of the tour is 38 USD THB + 400 THB, which covers the admission costs into the National Parks. This is a full day tour by speedboat, starting in the late morning and ending at sunset. The tour begins on Phi Phi Island itself, and lasts for at least 7-8 hours. The speedboat allows for maximum exploration of the Phi Phi Islands and you’ll cover all the popular spots along with some local spots too. A lunch of Thai Fried Rice is pre-cooked and served on the boat, along with various snacks like fresh fruits. Please be aware this is a shared speedboat tour with a big group, with around 20-30 other people, or more, on the tour. It is also required to stay on Phi Phi the night before and after this tour. 💛

Icon Prices
1,400 THB
For Each Person,
Adults: 1,400 THB
Kids (4-12): 1,000 THB
👋 National Park Fee is Mandatory!
Adults: +400 THB
Kids (4-12): +200 THB
Full amount + Nat Park is paid when booking.
Super-Peak: 1,500. Peak Season: 1,400. Regular Season: 1,400. Off-Season: 1,300.
Icon Availability
Check availability and prices in real-time, on our calendar. You can book online—without contacting us first (unless you’d like to)! If your preferred date is unavailable please send us a message. Places are limited and sold on a first-come basis.

👋 Reservations are Required

We kindly ask for your respect in understanding that we do not offer in-person tour sales or walk-in reservations. If you would like to visit our office, we kindly request that you make a reservation in advance or receive an invitation. Please also note we do not facilitate same-day tour bookings.

👋 This is a Public Tour

Please note that our Phi Phi Island tour by speedboat is a shared experience with a big group. It’s an amazing experience for sociable travellers, with the opportunity to make new friends, and meet like minded others. There is no set limit for the amount of people who can join this trip. The speedboat will always be filled to maximum capacity when possible; but will never exceed more guests than the boat is licenced to hold. Twin engine boats hold an average of 20-30 pax, triple engine boats hold an average of 25-40 pax. However each boat is licensed for a different number of passengers and the most appropriate boat will be selected for the tour based on the sea condition on the day. Not all tour operators in Phi Phi are transparent about group sizes.

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Tour Information

  • This tour starts on Phi Phi Island.
  • It is required to include the National Park Entrance Fee for this tour.
  • This is the most comprehensive tour of the Phi Phi Islands.
  • Snorkelling is included.
  • This tour lasts for at least 7 hours, or more.
  • This is a shared tour operated by Arisa Speedboat Group.
  • Bookings are processed by Five Star Thailand.
  • There is an average of 20-30 people on this tour, but there can be more.
  • Meet like minded travellers and experience Koh Phi Phi together.
  • You need to stay on Koh Phi Phi the night before this tour.
  • You also need to stay on Koh Phi Phi the night after this tour.
  • The meeting point for this tour is at the Arisa Speedboat Office, or the Mcdonalds on Tonsai Pier.
  • There is no hotel collection and guests are responsible for being at the meeting point in good time.
  • This tour does not follow a fixed route.
  • The captain will prepare the most suitable route for each day; ensuring we see and many places as possible.
  • This tour visits all the highlights like Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, Viking Cave and so much more.
  • This tour includes Bamboo Island.
  • We cannot guarentee you will visit every single place, becasue there are daily factors to consider like the sea conditions, tide height, and Nationl Park restrictions.
  • A pre-cooked lunch is included.
  • Drinking water and snacks are provided.
  • This is a group tour with an average of 20-30 people, or more.
  • This tour returns to Phi Phi after watching a sunset.
  • Five Star Thailand do not operate this tour ourselves. But have a long-standing relationship with Arisa Speedboats to assure quality of service.

👋 Meeting Location

Please check the maps to ensure you are able to reach the meeting location. To ensure a smooth experience, this tour requires participants to stay in Tonsai Town on Phi Phi Island the night before. The meeting point is at the Arisa Speedboat Office, accessible only by foot. Please plan your travel accordingly and avoid booking if you’re not staying in Tonsai Town. Thank you for your cooperation.

🚫 Not suitable for those staying in Phuket
🚫 Not suitable for those staying in Long Beach
🚫 Not suitable if staying less than two night on Phi Phi
🚨 You cannot travel to Phi Phi the morning before the tour

This map marks our tour’s meeting spot at the Arisa Speedboat Office. Please ensure you’re on Koh Phi Phi Don island at least one day prior to the tour. Thank you!
Exterior photo of phi phi islnad one day tour speedboat
This tour uses large engine speedboats to ensure comfort and to ensure there is space for the full tour group.
Shared Phi Phi Island one day full day speedboat tour interior of speedboat with 20 to 30 other passengers on Phi Phi Tour
Meet like-minded other travellers and split the cost of a speedboat charter between new friends.

👋 National Park Fees

This tours visits areas inside the Hat Noppharat Thara Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. It is mandatory to pay the admission fee, not included in the tour price. The operator pays this fee directly to ensure smooth operations, avoiding queuing at ticketing booths. The current rates, set by the local Thai Government, are 400 Baht for each non-Thai Adult and 200 Baht for each non-Thai child, this must be applied at the time of booking in order for your reservation to be approved.

one day phi phi speedboat tour
Comfertable and well maintained speedboats.
group tour by speedboat phi phi island
This tour is with a big group.
low cost phi phi island speedboat tour
Split the tour cost between new friends.
snorkeling on phi phi island one day
Snorkelling is included.
phi phi island one day tour with lunch
Lunch is a included, and is pre-cooked Thai Fried Rice, with fresh fruits.
phi phi bamboo maya one day tour by speedboat
Visit Maya Bay on this tour.
phi phi island tour bilingual english thai chinese
Meet new people, from all over the world.
Image 1
We try to see Monkeys on this tour!
phi phi one day tour with sunset
One of the longest Phi Phi tours, stay out until after sunset.