Free Upgrade to Premium Boat for Private Phi Phi Island Longtail Boat Tours

Introducing the New Standards for Phi Phi Island: Five Star Thailand’s Premium Longtail Boats.

Five Star Thailand are upgrading our Longtail Boat Tours in Koh Phi Phi to our new standard of Premium Boats. And the best part; it’s totally free! There is no additional cost to upgrade.

Book your private boat tour with Five Star Thailand at least 3 days in advance, and we will upgrade you to a Premium Boat at no extra cost!

What Is a Premium Phi Phi Island Boat

Our fleet of Longtail Boats has now grown to include five Premium Boats, or as we prefer to call them ‘Sabai Boats’. 

Sabai in Thai Language means comfortable, which is exactly what our premium boats provide – additional comfort. Plus; they look amazing in your stories and photos!

These boats still hold true to the roots of the Traditional Koh Phi Phi Longtail Boat, which is so iconic on the islands. And important for us to preserve. Yet you’ll have more space and comfort.

Our premium boats are decorated in such a way to make your tour photos really stand out. Along with our iconic cushioned seating area at the front of the boat. And a few extras such as speakers for your own music, power supplies to charge your mobile phone and coolers to keep your drinks cold. 

How Much Does it Cost To Book a Premium Boat 

We don’t sell our tours with Premium Boats as a stand alone package, but rather it is a complimentary upgrade; we offer it to guests who have booked with us at least three days in advance.

The upgrade is totally free, on a first come first served basis. And completely depends on the availability.

  • In case you are wanting to book your tour at the last minute – you can also contact us to enquire about the availability. Although we can’t promise it – due to a limited number of boats, we’ll do our best to work something out when possible 💛

How Do You Book a Premium Boat

Now, you might be wondering how to secure one of these coveted Premium Boats for your Phi Phi Island tour. It’s simple—just book your tour with Five Star Thailand as usual, and we’ll take care of the rest. Worried about last-minute plans? While we can’t guarantee the availability of our Premium Boats for last-minute bookings, you can always reach out to us to check. 🤞

Is a Premium Boat the Same as a Luxury Longtail Boat

Our Premium Longtail Boats have comfortable and cushioned seating areas for our guests, with decoration and styles that most tour companies on Phi Phi Island would call ‘Luxury Longtail Boat’ or ‘V.I.P Longtail Boat’ – however we must be clear that it’s not a term we use. 

We refrain from using the term luxury to describe our boats. Why? Because the term luxury longtail boat can have a different meaning depending on who you ask. We want to make sure that your expectations are in line with the service which we provide – hence the term ‘Sabai Boats’. 

Please note that we do not charge any extra fees for upgrading to this boat type. Tours operated with our premium boats are given as a complimentary upgrade, and it is not a paid for service.

So why wait? Elevate your Phi Phi Island adventure with Five Star Thailand’s Premium Longtail Boats. Book your tour today and discover the true meaning of luxury at sea.