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Semi Private Phi Phi Island Tour From Phuket

Earn 17% commission on Private Boat Tour Deposits While Providing Real Value To Your Readers.

Five Star Thailand Tours are the fastest growing tour provider specializing in trips from Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi. Our tours are completely private allowing us to offer a great experience for our guests, and a higher commission level for our affiliate partners. We’re based on Phi Phi Island and focus our full attention on creating unique experiences.

✅ Register your interest as an affiliate using the registration form on this page. Once your application is approved, you’ll be granted access to our affiliate program within 48 hours and you can start earning instantly.

✅ Five Star Thailand Tours have a dedicated tracking platform where you can view your statistics in real-time, earnings, clicks and more. We use direct link tracking so any traffic from your approved site will be tracked without the need to use an affiliate link.

✅ Five Star Thailand Tours offer a service which has a high interest rate for travelers in the southern Thailand region. Conversion rates have historically been around 9% – 32%. Our average order value is 4,000 Thai Baht.

✅ We process monthly payments of confirmed commissions earned from the previous month. There is no minimum amount. Payments are paid using PayPal or Wise depending on preference. Commissions are confirmed 24 hours after the guests tour date.

✅ Cookies are set for 60 days. If one of your readers uses our service more than once in this time period you’ll earn a commission for each referral.

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Preview our affiliate dashboard bellow! Link tracking is simple and carried out in real-time. As an affiliate for Five Star Thailand Tours you’ll be able to sign into our dashboard to track you conversions at anytime 🙌 Bellow is a screenshot of our affiliates dashboard and what to expect as an affiliate partner. The earnings report bellow is for the month of December 2022 from the travel site ‘BackPack BOB’. Within 30 days has a commission of 28,951.00 THB (837 USD) had been earned through referrals from this blog.

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