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James Bond Island Private Tours
Starting in Krabi

Discover the thrill and beauty of Phang-Nga Bay with our James Bond Tour from Krabi, brought to you by Five Star Thailand Tours. These tours are a blend of adventure, natural beauty, and cinematic history. From Krabi we have two awesome tour packages to choose from, travel to Phang-Nga by the land and explore on a traditional Thai Longtail boat, or board a private speedboat in Krabi and cruise through the breathtaking landscapes of Southern Thailand’s Phang-Nga bay on the way to the James Bond Island. Explore hidden caves, navigate through mangrove forests, and paddle in sea kayaks through tranquil waters. Spend the day with our expert local tour guides, and enjoy the convenience of hotel transfers. Whether you’re a James Bond fan, a lover of nature, or simply in search of an extraordinary day out, these tours are carefully curated to ensure a memorable adventure.

[Krabi James Bond: Package A]
James Bond and Phang Nga Bay Private Longtail Boat Tour: Starting in Krabi

Prices Based on Two Persons 💵
Total Privacy – No Shared Transfers – Private Collection
Private Pickup
Private Longtail
Expert Local Guide
Sea Canoeing

Package B provides a private speedboat charter to the Phi Phi Islands, allowing you to have complete privacy and flexibility. You won’t need to worry about transfers because you’ll have your own speedboat to travel to the Phi Phi Islands as you please. On the way, you can also make an optional stop at Maiton Island. Once you reach the Phi Phi Islands, you’ll have the opportunity to go snorkelling, sightseeing, and hopping between islands throughout the day. Lunch will be provided at a local restaurant on Koh Phi Phi Don. Additionally, a private hotel collection is included.

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17,000 THB 14,000 THB!

[Krabi James Bond: Package B]
James Bond and Phang Nga Bay Private Speedboat Tour: Starting in Krabi

Prices Per Group, up to Four Persons 💵
Private Speedboat Charter Tour From Krabi
Hotel Pickup
Private Speedboat Charter
Expert Local Guide
Restaurant Lunch
Sea Canoe

Don’t think waking up early on vacation is for you? Well, think again! Come and join our private Early Bird Tour From Phuket and let us prove you wrong. You’ll have a great time on a private speedboat with your own personal tour guide. We leave from Phuket at sunrise and head straight to the Phi Phi Islands. Our first stop is Maya Bay, where we aim to beat the crowds. While you won’t have the bay all to yourself, there will definitely be fewer people compared to later in the day.

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35,000 THB 26,000 THB!