Phi Phi Islands Weather

Phi Phi Islands Weather

Predicting The Weather In The Phi Phi Islands

At Five Star Thailand Tours, we’re passionate about providing unique experiences in the breathtaking Phi Phi Islands. We understand that, as with any outdoor activity, the weather can play a significant role in your experience. We want to ensure you’re prepared and know what to expect.

While the Phi Phi Islands are often a tropical paradise with calm seas and abundant sunshine, they’re also located in a remote region of the Indian Ocean, with unpredictable weather patterns. These can change quickly and without warning. Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated weather apps can be inaccurate for this region. In fact, over two-thirds of our tours experience some rainfall!

While we can’t control the weather, we can promise honesty and transparency. We won’t cancel a tour solely due to rain. However, your safety is our top priority. Only in the unlikely event that sea conditions and swell become unsafe to operate will we cancel a tour. In such cases, we’ll work with you to reschedule or provide a full refund. (This typically happens fewer than 10 days per year.)

Our team closely monitors weather patterns and sea conditions in collaboration with the Department of National Marine Parks. We pay particular attention to sea swell, which is a combination of wave height, wind speed, and wind direction, to ensure your safety remains paramount.

But don’t worry! Rain showers are a natural part of the island experience. In the Phi Phi Islands, rain typically comes in short bursts and clears quickly. So, embrace the island spirit, rain or shine. Join us on a fun-filled adventure in the stunning Phi Phi Islands, and let’s create memories together!