Phi Phi Islands Weather

Phi Phi Islands Weather

Predicting The Weather In The Phi Phi Islands

Usually the Phi Phi Islands have calm seas and bright sunshine. Although keep in mind the Phi Phi’s are remote and tropical islands in the north-eastern Indian Ocean!

We want to be as clear and up front about the Phi Phi Islands weather as possible. To allow you to come to an informed decision when booking your tour.

As much as we would like to, We do not have control over the weather in the Phi Phi Islands. And it’s not possible to accurately predict the weather.

It is important to us, that guests are aware that the weather and sea-conditions in Phi Phi Islands can be unpredictable.

We won’t cancel a tour if it’s raining, but we will cancel a tour if the weather is deemed unsafe to operate.

Usually rains come in short bursts lasting around 15 – 60 minutes before defaulting back to blue-skies and sunshine.

Five Star Thailand Tours works closely with the Department of National Marine Parks, who carefully monitor the weather patterns and sea conditions around the Phi Phi Islands. We will cancel a boat service(s) only when we are concerned about the wave height or the sea swell, or when advised by the National Marine Park that sea conditions are unsafe to operate. Rain is expected and we would not cancel a tour due to this alone. We can sometimes reschedule at our discretion, if requested.

Sea swell is a combination of the wave height, the wind speed and the wind direction. It is what we pay close attention to when deciding if conditions are safe.

It’s impossible to predict the weather in the Phi Phi Islands! Trust us, we’ve tried! Forecasts from weather apps are generally unreliable in the Phi Phi Islands and should be disregarded. WindGuru provides the most accurate live forecasts. But future predictions are still most often inaccurate. Checking outside is how the national parks accumulate their information and it’s the only reliable method of getting an accurate forecast, and even that can change without warning!

Changes To Tours Due To Weather

It is important to be aware that the weather can change without warning in the Phi Phi Islands. This can even happen during a tour!

This can mean that a rainy or choppy day can clear up in an instant. It can also mean that a sunny and calm day can quickly turn to rough or choppy seas. There is often no noticeable warning until it happens. Our boat captains are all skilled enough and trained to safely handle such situations.

What this does mean is that on occasion we might have to alter a tour, mid-service. We don’t like to alter services and we are aware that altering tours can result in disappointment, but, we will always keep the safety of our guests a top priority.

For example, we might have to skip a pre-agreed stop on the tour if waves become to high to safely include the stop. We might have to change some service from a speedboat to a ferry if it becomes unsafe for a speedboat to make a return crossing to Phuket.

We will always aim to do right by our guests in these situations, and will handle any changes on a case-by-case basis. It is very unlikely that we would have to make any changes and if so, it would be done so only for safety reasons, which would be clearly communicated.