full day private longtail boat tour phi phi islands

🚨 Important: This Tour is Only Suitable For Guests Staying Overnight on Koh Phi Phi.

Phi Phi Island Private Boat Tour: Starting on Phi Phi Island [Package A]

Introducing our [Phi Phi Island Package A]! This is our classic longtail boat tour, and a favourite for many people. The tour starts and ends on Phi Phi Island itself, so you’ll need to have accommodation there for at least one night. If you’re not on the island, you can find our tours from Phuket here, and from Krabi here. Starting on Koh Phi Phi allows us to run this private tour in the early morning or late evening, which are usually the quietest times at the island. Each tour is unique and you’ll get to explore the Phi Phi Islands on our private longtail boat, guided by a friendly local Five Star Thailand Tour Guide. 💛

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204 USD
For Two People,
Extra Adult: 27 USD
Kids (4-12): FREE
Book with a 20% Deposit
Super-Peak: 8,500. Peak Season: 8,000. Regular Season: 7,500. Off-Season: 7,000.
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Check availability and prices in real-time, on our calendar. You can book online—without contacting us first (unless you’d like to)! If your preferred date is unavailable please send us a message. Places are limited and sold on a first-come basis.
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Tour Information

  • Start on Phi Phi Don.
  • We meet you at your hotel on Phi Phi.
  • Explore Phi Phi Islands with our traditional Thai Longtail Boat.
  • Snorkelling is included.
  • The tour is private, only you and our crew.
  • We try to avoid crowds as best as possible.
  • This tour visits Maya Bay (Beach access is only allowed during select months).
  • We plan a custom route on the day, taking into account weather, tides, and parks restrictions.
  • Have a chance to meet Monkeys, Reefsharks and More.
  • Explore Beaches, Bays, Lagoons, and Secret Coves.
  • The route can be customised to skip places, prioritise snorkelling, or spend more time somewhere you love.
  • Lunch is included, and we stop by the beach to eat at a local restaurant.
  • There are three times to choose from; sunrise, daytime, or sunset.
Phi Phi Island Tour From Phi Phi Sunrise Package
Sunrise is the quietest time in Phi Phi. If you don’t mind the early start, neither do we!
Phi Phi Island Tour From Phi Phi Sunset Package and Glowing Plankton Night Swimming Tour PP
Sunset is also a quiet time in Phi Phi, because all the Boats From Phuket have left. Sunset tours can be extended to look for Glow Plankton.
Icon About The Tour

We like to think this is the best tour you can take in the Phi Phi Islands. Our first, and original Phi Phi Island Private Boat Tour. Explore Koh Phi Phi on your own charming Thai Longtail Boat. You’ll be paired with one of our expert local guides and there is lots of sightseeing and snorkelling.

This awesome tour has three different packages to choose from! Choose between sunrise, sunset or daytime. Our sunset tour is the most popular, and it’s also one of the least busy times, after other boats have returned back to the mainland.

Icon Tour Locations

Koh Phi Phi is made up of two main islands; Koh Phi Phi Don, and Koh Phi Phi Leh. All of the places you’ve heard about are on these two islands. That includes spots like; Monkey Beach, Viking Cave, Pileh Lagoon, Loh Samah Beach and Maya Bay along with lots of other beaches, bays, and lagoons.

This tour does not follow a fixed route or a fixed schedule. Koh Phi Phi is dynamic and so are we. Trust our local knowlage, as our expert guides take into consideration the anticipated weather, tides, crowds, and park restrictions in order to plan the best route for that day. We try to fit in as much as possible, without rushing. And guests can personalise the tour route aswell. Spend more time snorkeling, or more time in a place you love. It’s up to you. It’s a private tour.

This tour visits Maya Bay! The beach has fewer visitors in the early morning at late evening. But it’s not a private beach and it will never be totally empty.
Phi Phi Island Tour Map
If your lucky there is a chance to spot Black Tip Reefs Sharks.
Icon Optional Stops

Glowing Plankton: Our sunset package can be extended into the early evening. We can’t guarantee you’ll see the plankton – as we can’t control nature. But we will do our best to spot it, and we’re usually successful. If you’re lucky you’ll see the ocean shine and shimmer with any movement through the water.

Bamboo Island: We advise guests not to include Bamboo Island on this tour because it is far from the other Phi Phi Islands. We want to ensure a relaxed pace on our tour, so including Bamboo Island would mean less time to spend at other locations. However, if visiting Bamboo Island is important to you, it can be added as an additional stop. ✋ Bamboo is located in open waters and it’s sometimes unsafe to visit–we cannot guarantee a visit.

If you pay extra for collection from a hotel or resort on the Northern Peninsula, you will be closer to Bamboo Island and there will be a stop there, if the weather allows. This only applies to guests starting our Phi Phi tour from: Zeavola Resort, P.P Erawan Resort, PP Holiday Resort, PP Natural Resort

Icon Tour Duration

Approximate Tour Duration For Phi Phi Island [Package A]

🌅 Sunrise Package: Approx. 6 Hours

😎 Daytime Package: Approx. 6 Hours

🌄 Sunset Package: Approx. 6 Hours

➕ Sunset Package + Plankton: Approx. 6.5 Hours

➕ Sunset Package + Bamboo + Plankton: Approx. 7.5 Hours

➕ Any Package + Bamboo: Approx. 7 Hours

Choose from our sunrise, sunset, or daytime tour packages for exploring the Phi Phi Islands. The default duration is six hours, which we’ve determined to be the best amount of time for the Phi Phi Island Tour. However, you can extend it for additional stops. We’ll confirm the exact start and finish times with you the day before the tour, as they may vary slightly depending on sunrise and sunset times throughout the year.

Icon Tour Activities

Phi Phi Island is all about nature, the wildlife, the beaches, the ocean, the Monkeys, the Reef-Sharks, the snorkelling! There is plenty to do and see on our tour. Snorkelling is included as standard, and equipment provided. There will be lots of time to explore the bays and beaches dotted around Koh Phi Phi.

It is common to see Black Tip Reef Sharks in Phi Phi, it is common to see Monkeys. It is possible to see Hawksbill turtles. But do note that we can’t control the animals or nature and we can’t guarantee you’ll see anything. Reef Sharks are not dangerous to humans.

At Phi Phi, we don’t have the same restrictions as tours from Phuket or Krabi. When you start your tour from Phi Phi Island, you can choose a sunrise tour or a sunset tour. It’s often more peaceful at these times. We do try to avoid crowds as much as possible, but we’d never promise it. It’s something out of our control and at popular locations like Maya Bay it is usually unavoidable.

Phi Phi Island Tour 1
Visit Monkey Beach on This Private Phi Phi Island Boat Tour.
Phi Phi Island Tour Snorkeling Private 2
Explore the marine life. Snorkeling is include as standard on all our Phi Phi Island Tours.
Icon Food and Drinks

Breakfast: Our sunrise tour package includes hot coffee in the early morning.

Lunch: This tour includes lunch, we’ve picked a set of popular, and easily recognizable Thai meals for guests to choose from. Our lunch menu includes hand-picked classic meals like Phad Thai, Thai Fried Rice, and a selection of southern Thai curries. The meals are not spicy unless you request otherwise. Each meal is bursting with authentic flavours of Thailand. We stop off at a local restaurant to eat lunch, although depending on the exact package it can sometimes be more of a brunch or a late lunch! We are able to cater to Vegetarian, Vegan and Halal requests.

Water: Clean drinking water is made available throughout the tour.

Alcoholic Drinks: Our tour does not include alcoholic drinks. Guests are welcome to bring their own or we can provide an ice-chiller with cool Thai Beers, on request. We kindly ask that guests not bring single use, disposable cups.

Phi Phi Island Tour 1
This Tour Visits Maya Bay all year round! Beach access is permitted during the peak season months!
Phi Phi Island Tour 2
All our expert local Guides speak English

👋 Island Stayers Only

This tour [Phi Phi Island Package A] is specifically for people staying overnight in the Phi Phi Islands. It starts and ends on Koh Phi Phi. Please note that we only pick up from hotels and not from public places. Transfers from Phuket or Krabi are not included in this tour.

👋 Reservations are Required

We kindly ask for your respect in understanding that we do not offer in-person tour sales or walk-in reservations. If you would like to visit our office, we kindly request that you make a reservation in advance or receive an invitation.

👋 Thailand National Park

This tour visits protected areas in the Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. There is a 400 Baht admission cost for adults, and a 200 Baht cost for children. This is not included in the tour cost and is paid directly to the National Parks Department during the tour. The rate is set by the Parks Department, not by Five Star Thailand, and it is subject to change at any time.

The Parks Department has the authority to close regions within the park, including Maya Bay, without notice or reason. In case that beach access at Maya Bay is closed during your tour you will have the opportunity to see the beach from the front instead. This is not common, but it does happen.

👋 Age and Health Policy

Children under 3 years old are not allowed on our tours. We apologise for any inconvenience. Guests who are 70 years or older must contact us before making a reservation and should be in good health. Our tours are not suitable for those with heart or back problems or pregnant women.
Phi Phi Island Tour 1
The Phi Phi Islands are a top snorkeling destination in Thailand, and snorkeling is included with this tour. [Phi Phi Package A]
Phi Phi Island Tour 2
Mask and Snorkel rental is included on all our private boat tours.
Phi Phi Island Tour 1
Cruise arround the islands like a local with a traditional Thai Longtail Boat.
Phi Phi Island Tour 2
All our boats are clean and inviting. The longtail is designed to navigate the shallow waters arround Phi Phi and access smaller bays and beaches.
Phi Phi Island Tour 1
Visit Monkey Beach on This Boat Tour.
Phi Phi Island Tour 2
We can’t promise you’ll meet the Monkeys. But you have a pretty good chance!