Our Story

Five Star Thailand Tours was founded on Koh Phi Phi in 2015 – we are a DBD registered company; regulated & licenced by the Travel Authority of Thailand.

After years, of hearing shameful stories about the Phi Phi Island tour companies of the time. We decided something must be done. Our plan from the beginning was clear and straightforward. We needed to shake up the travel industry here. Something had to change at Koh Phi Phi to increase the standard of service experienced by visitors. Hence the name ‘Five Star Travel & Tours’. And in recent years we have done just that! Gone are the days of tourists being ripped off. Not having access to clear & precise information or not being delivered the promised service. – Phi Phi Island. Its time to wake up.

We are honoured to have the opportunity to welcome travellers; from all corners of the globe onto our beautiful island home. Every single day! – We create & share incredible experiences, and we love every moment of it! We’re not happy unless our visitors are happy! Here at Five Star Thailand Tours, everybody is welcome & we can accommodate almost any need a guest may have. Our team are always ready to create an unforgettable experience & memories to last for a lifetime.

We are proud to be Phi Phi Islands first online tour company which is officially recognised by Thailand’s (T.A.T) licencing authorities. We have a ‘Five Star’ reputation to protect! And as such we only deliver the highest quality experiences – we won’t settle for any less. Our motto has always been quality over quantity & we firmly stick by that.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – Improve the overall reputation of Phi Phi Island one-step-at-a-time.

We want to make precise and up-to-date information available to every visitor who steps onto our Island. We want to deliver amazing experiences to all of our guests, and we want to educate visitors about the importance of protecting Koh Phi Phi – for years to come.

We provide quality information & support to anyone who needs it. Not only during a tour or about a tour. But at any time & about anything! You don’t even need to have booked with us. If the information isn’t to be found online – we’re only a message away. We’re active on Facebook Messenger, Whats App, Email or Phone us. Our target response time is 60 minutes or less! Travellers can get in touch with us to ask information about anything at all to do with Phi Phi island!

We’re not in this game to make riches – our enjoyment comes from our customers, the praise & thanks that we receive. The smiles on our guest’s faces – That’s what provides our fulfilment & keep us going!

We aim to simplify the booking process of travel & tour services in and around Phi Phi Island. With our online booking system – all travellers now have access to the same relevant information & all pay the same fair & competitive prices. Unfortunately, many of our competitors have little reason to care about overcharging or providing miss leading information. As without an online reputation, they have nothing to lose. Don’t let your experience be ruined by rogue ‘pirate’ operators, who run tours without a travel licence & are just in it for a quick buck.


Years in Business

5 Years in business - and counting! In 2020, we celebrate five successful & fulfilling years, providing amazing experiences to guests from around the globe!


Services Offered

22 Tour packages & services offered - Our experiences are handcrafted, tested by our team and loved by our guests. We stick by our motto of quality over quantity.

9,500 +

Tours Booked

9,500+ Tours booked - Since starting, we've been lucky enough to welcome over 9 thousand guests onto our island to share amazing experiences.

500,000 +

Kilometers Traveled

500,000 + Kilometers travelled - By our estimates; we have carried guests on our boat tours & services over a total distance greater than half a million kilometres!

Ethical Travel

Please help us to look after our beautiful island home! It can’t be done alone – we need every individual to participate. The travel & tourism industry is one of the quickest growing markets in the world. We are all responsible for making the world a better place & ensuring future generations can experience Thailand’s natural beatuy in years to come! We are all citizens of planet earth – we’re in this together. If one group of people choose to f**k it up it then we’re all screwed.

We recognise & prioritise the importance of animal welfare here in Thailand. We do not support any travel companies (Looking at you: Phuket Fantasea Show!) who miss treat or abuse animals. It’s a tough job to educate these people about the harm they are doing. We’ve found the best way to beat them is to inform our guests of the truths about these companies – until they get the message. You won’t find us offering tours where elephants can be ridden. You won’t find any performing monkeys here nor selfies with the drugged-up tigers!

You can, however, still find wild animals on our tours. Phi Phi Don’s Monkey beach is the natural home of these playful, fun-loving creatures. It is a much happier experience; seeing the monkeys running free in the cliffs and swinging from the trees on the beach. Guests on our tours are informed not to bring any food, fruit or drinks to give to the monkeys. It might seem like a great idea to take some bananas over for the Monkeys. But in doing so, it harms the natural balance and leaves the Monkeys domesticated and reliant on being fed by humans.

The same applies to the fish. They are capable of finding their food and don’t need visitors throwing bread into the sea. While it may seem harmless, it can kill off entire coral reefs. Coral reefs are incredibly delicate and need plenty of light to survive. Feeding the fish means that they will not be eating algae, as they usually do. In turn, it is allowing the algae to bloom and destroy the corals by starving them of oxygen and sun-light. These effects can, sadly, already be seen occurring at some of the reefs here in Thailand.

Take Only Memories, Leave, Only Footprints.” – Keep this in mind during your stay at Koh Phi Phi.

For anyone who wants to give something back to Phi Phi island. Volunteers are always needed to help out, picking the endless supply of trash & plastic waste, which ‘mysteriously’ finds its way onto the beaches at an alarming rate. Trash Hero are the organisation who help to arrange this on Koh Phi Phi, where they run a weekly beach clean-up. More information can be found at https://trashhero.org/network/kohphiphi/ or on their Facebook Page.

Maya Bay Closure

ทาวน์ แบตเลิฟเจี๊ยวเจี๊ยว บัสหลินจือ เครปแครอทแซ็กโซโฟนซานตาคลอส สเปคไมค์โกะ ริคเตอร์สึนามิแฮมเบอร์เกอร์ พันธกิจยูวีช็อปปิ้ง อึ้มแพนดาศากยบุตรสเตย์ ไอซ์ไฟลต์ซะแคมป์คาราโอเกะ ป๊อกตู้เซฟชนะเลิศผ้าห่ม จตุคาม เทเลกราฟโปรดิวเซอร์ ไลน์ฮิตโค้ช โคโยตี้มวลชน ช็อปเปอร์ซูเอี๋ย เซนเซอร์

น็อค วอลซ์ไฮบริดช็อปปิ้งแอปเปิล ลิสต์ สามแยกฮิต ซิมโฟนี่ฮ็อต โรแมนติกเกสต์เฮาส์ทอล์ค เคลมฮิปฮอป แพทเทิร์นชีสฟรุต มลภาวะโฮป โฟนแจ๊กพอตเช็งเม้งกลาสโดนัท โฮปสารขัณฑ์คอมเมนต์ แมนชั่นเทวาธิราชซานตาคลอสภคันทลาพาธ สเกตช์ทาวน์เฮาส์ ทำงานฮ่องเต้ สึนามิซัมเมอร์โก๊ะ ซูโม่โต๊ะจีนโหลยโท่ยแคร์รีไซเคิล

กลาสตะหงิดเกจิเซ็กซี่เดบิต ยนตรกรรมจีดีพีโบว์ไดเอ็ต ป่าไม้คอมเพล็กซ์วาฟเฟิลนรีแพทย์โฟม ฟรุต อินเตอร์ อุตสาหการไกด์ยังไง อ่อนด้อยศากยบุตรเมจิกโมจิ ท็อปบู๊ทฮัลโหล สต็อคโรลออนคีตปฏิภาณ ป๋อหลอแครอทเบนโตะ คันถธุระบาลานซ์สติ๊กเกอร์โอเพ่น ทัวร์นาเมนท์แอปเปิลเทรลเลอร์ไบเบิลจังโก้ อุปสงค์พงษ์บิล ฟรังก์โอเพ่นบูมป๋าปิกอัพ มหภาควาฟเฟิล ซาตาน

สตูดิโอบึมแรลลี คลับซูมเซี้ยวอิเลียด โปรเจ็กต์ดีลเลอร์ นิวสแตนเลสแฟนตาซี แพกเกจเซอร์ แฟนตาซีซีดานบิ๊กต่อรอง สะกอมตื้บ เซลส์ซิมโฟนี่รีดไถรีไซเคิล ม้านั่งยูโรมั้งผลไม้ กษัตริยาธิราชโบตั๋น บึมอีสเตอร์เบบี้อิกัวนาวิดีโอ มุมมอง เมจิกวิทย์สตีลธุรกรรม สกายคำสาป จังโก้ พูลดีกรีคีตปฏิภาณ

แอ็กชั่นชนะเลิศแอร์ คอนแทคเบนโล เจ๊สังโฆสไตล์เกรด ซาร์เนิร์สเซอรี เด้อแครอท ฮิปโป ซูโม่ซาบะบ๊วยมาร์ช ซิมกรอบรูปเลสเบี้ยน วิดีโอ ดีพาร์ตเมนท์ เอ็นทรานซ์ฟรุตโซน เตี๊ยมโรแมนติค สเปกโยโย่รีวิวคอนแทคเมี่ยงคำ ไชน่า ฟรุตน้องใหม่ กรุ๊ปสป็อตแอนด์

“Travel Is the Only Thing You Can Buy, that Makes You Richer” 

Welcome to Phi Phi Island!

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