With so many Phi Phi Island Boat Tours out there to choose from! So with so many options out there; we’ve tried each one of these tours personally and narrowed down our shortlist to just 10 of the best boat tours out there, (updated for 2019). You’ll find a mix of what we believe are the best boat tours to leave from Phuket & Koh Phi Phi.


#1 Private Boat To Phi Phi Island: From Phuket

Price: ฿6,000

Leaves From: Phuket

First on the list, is our number one Thailand experience; an awesome authentic long boat tour. This day trip to Phi Phi islands leaves from Phuket in the morning and offers travellers six-hours on their very own Thai longtail boat, to explore the tropical islands, swim in the blue lagoons and snorkel the reefs.

Phi Phi Islands have some of the best snorkel sites and most picturesque beaches in all of  Thailand; avoiding a group might cost a little extra, but it gives you so much more! You’ll have a much better chance of having a remote beach to yourself & getting away from the crowds.

Being out on the Andaman sea, on your own boat can often be a romantic experience. Its the perfect boat tour for couples, newlyweds on their honeymoon. Or for travellers who just want to avoid the hustle and bustle of most Thailand Tours!

There’s round taxi transfers on land and return speedboat transfers to reach the islands! National park entry fees, a tasty Thai lunch on a secluded beach and a cocktail in a beautiful beach bar. Plus with a pack of beers in the chiller, what more can you ask for?

This is probably the best Phi Phi tour from Phuket out there, and it certainly deserves a place on your shortlist when choosing your boat tour.

Best Phi Phi Island Boat Tour: The Private Boat Tour To Phi Phi Islands From Phuket


#2 Phi Phi Pirate Boat Party

Price: ฿1,200

Leaves from: Phi Phi Don Island

Discount Code: RUM50

This one’s for travellers planning an staying overnight on Ko PP island. If you’re joining from Phuket, you’ll need to get yourself booked onto the 8:30 am Phuket to Phi Phi speedboat so you arrive in time to check-in!

This Phi Phi Boat tour is one of the longest-running trips on the island, constantly receiving rave reviews from travellers and even earning recommendations from lonely planet.

The Pirate Boat, allows travellers to get around the iconic Phi Phi Leh Island at a low cost. While the price remains cheap, the quality of service is the best out there. You’ll have a blast on the trip, the pirate crew are always smiling, and ready to make your experience memorable! You’re guaranteed to have plenty of rum fun!

The boat tour is geared toward a younger audience, although, all ages are welcome! Children & Grandparents, there’s something for everyone on this action-packed trip. There’s loads of activities to partake in throughout the afternoon. Including snorkelling, paddle-boarding, kayaking and even jumping from the boat into the warm, tropical ocean.

Leaving at midday there’s plenty of time to see all the best spots. The pirate boat is decked out to resemble a gnarly Pirate Ship. It’s a two-story boat and a guided tour, there’s plenty of comfortable seating areas; and even a bar where you can knock-back a Rum or cool beer on the top deck!

There are restrooms and a kitchen on board, so your dinner is cooked up fresh in the evening. You’ll watch a beautiful sunset over the ocean as the boat is returning to shore.

This Phi Phi Boat Tour is great value for money! But you can save even more; when booking online use the discount code: RUM50! and save an extra ฿50 per person!

Phi Phi Islands Great Tours Phi Phi Pirate Boat

#3 BIG Boat Tour From Phuket To Phi Phi Islands

Price: ฿3,000.

Here’s another one of the best Phi Phi Tours packages to leave the shores of Phuket. And number 3 on our list. With free hotel collection from any Phuket resort. You’ll enjoy a relaxing cruise over to the PP islands, plus an exclusive speedboat snorkelling tour on arrival!

You’ll be sitting in the Premium Class lounge on the top deck of this massive cruising boat. There’s complimentary snacks, drinks and a commentated tour of Phi Phi Leh island.

While this Phi Phi island boat tour has three cruise classes, (standard, first & premium). Having tried them all ourselves, we’d only recommend travelling in Premium Class! Why? Firstly the lounges are more comfortable, with better views and access to the invite-only sundeck! But if that’s not enough – there’s a speedboat waiting to meet the ship in Koh Phi Phi!

You’ll be transferred over to the speedboat; directly from the cruise ship to enjoy an awesome snorkelling tour of Phi Phi Islands! There’s a tasty buffet lunch in Laemtong, (a secluded PP island beach). With Thai, Western, Indian options and a special seafood menu for premium class guests!

What’s the price? The official rate, when booking direct is 3,500 baht per person (not bad value for money) – But we can do better! Book this Phi Phi Island from Phuket boat tour online and you can save 500 Baht per person! No need to use any discount codes! Everyone gets the same great price!


The best phi phi big boat tour from phuket andaman wavemaster boat royal jet cruiser 10 booking-min

#4 The Early Bird Sunrise Boat Tour By Speedboat

Price: ฿1,600.

While this amazing Phi Phi Boat tour leaves from Koh Phi Phi itself if you’re staying in Phuket. Don’t worry! There’s an alternative early bird tour option for you, skip straight over to number 5 for more information!

The early bird tour leaves from Phi Phi Don at sunrise (6:00 am) – leaving from Koh Phi Phi means there’s very little time to reach the first snorkel stop on Koh Phi Phi Leh island.

This is the first tour boat to departing each day and for the first hour or two of trip, you won’t spot any other tourist boats! Koh Phi Phi really is a different place at this time in the morning. You can experience the true beauty and authenticity of the islands – image seeing the islands before they became a tourist hot spot, well now you have the chance to do just that!

Having taken the trip multiple times, (once doesn’t seem to be enough)! We can’t recommend this Ko Phi Phi boat tour enough! It’s running from 6:00 am until 2:30 pm. And you’ll see all the highlights in that time, (including Maya Bay and Bamboo island – with national park fees included)

Heres how to book the sunrise Phi Phi Boat Tour.


Top 10 phi phi island snorkel tours number 4 the PP ealry bird sunrise speedboat snorkelling tour-min

#5 Sunrise Speedboat Boat Tour (From Phuket)

Price: ฿3,500.

You don’t have to miss out on taking the PP sunrise tour, just because you’re staying in Phuket! Ok, you’ll get to the islands a little later than if you were already there! But you’ll be watching a mesmerising sunset on the ride over. And the islands will still be extremely quiet when you arrive. There might be a couple of other tour boats starting to show, but its nothing compared to later in the day!

As with all the Phi Phi Tours from Phuket, there’s free return hotel transfers included. You’ll be travelling by speedboat so you won’t spend much time hanging around!

This is one of the best boat trips, in our opinion. It really shows the true Koh Phi Phi. Book the early bird Phi Phi Boat tour online, with reservations stating open until midgnight, (if places are still available)!

the best phi phi early bird sunrise tour leaving from Phuket-min

#6 Private Longtail Boat Tour From Phi Phi

Average Price: ฿3,000 – ฿5,500.

A popular activity for travellers to the Phi Phi Islands. And no vacation to Pi Pi would be 100% complete without taking a ride on a private longtail boat trip! Hiring your own boat gets you the true authentic (and often romantic), Thailand experience.

Spend your day on your own chartered Thai Boat, see the spots you really want to visit and completely customise your itinerary. You’ll be alongside a local and cheerful boat captain who will be showing you around!

Choose to hire your boat for three – eight hours – sit on your own remote beach and tuck into your delicious Thai picnic lunch, snorkel in the exclusive spots, known only to locals and do Ko Phi Phi your way!

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#7 Private Speedboat Tour From Phuket to Ko Phi Phi

Price: ฿29,000, for up to 6 people!

This tour package actually works out to be, surprisingly, one of the best value for money Phi Phi Boat Tours! If you’re taking full advantage, and bringing along the maximum about of guests; you’ll only be paying ฿5,000 baht each! We think that’s pretty good going! For an eight hour ride on your own speedboat!

When hiring your own speedboat, you’ll spend the day with a knowledgeable boat captain and an (English speaking) tour guide, who will be keen to show you around the best places in Koh Phi Phi. take you around the town to explore and sit down for a buffet lunch at a scenic beachfront restaurant. Plus there’s a fully stocked ice chiller to help yourselves to!

Check availability and reserve your own private speedboat tour from Phuket to Phi Phi.

the best phi phi private speedboat boat tour leaving from phuket-min