Koh Phi Phi, the island so nice they named it twice, here is everything you’ll need to know in preparation for your upcoming visit. You’ll find the latest information about everything you can see and do, during an overnight stay in Thailands epic Phi Phi Islands!

A complete guide to all the activities currently available on the island, what to get up to at night, and what to do during the day. Which beaches are best to visit and which beaches are the quietest. Some non-touristic things to do, the best spots to go snorkelling, and some insider secrets!

Change happens rapidly in Asia, especially on Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands! New things to do pop-up overnight, others shut down abruptly. And as most of the information circulating is written by travellers, who visit the islands just once; information gets outdated pretty quick. Our complete guide is updated regularly- you’ll find absolutely everything you can possibly get up to on an overnight stay in the epic Phi Phi Islands! And if you notice any information that’s become outdated or have any suggestions for new activities to add… leave a comment and let us know!

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things to do in koh phi phi

Absolutely, visit Phi Phi; it’s an amazing island! Even in 2020; incredibly, there are still untouched, quiet beaches. There’s so much to see and do, you really have to experience this epic little island for yourself.

Some people give the island a bad name, but we disagree. The secret of Phi Phi Islands is out there, but don’t let that put you off setting foot in paradise. You’ll find amazing and diverse nature, wildlife, marine life, stunning limestone cliffs, and jaw-dropping views wherever you look.

With many incredible and interesting things to do in Phi Phi Island. You can relax on some of the most amazing beaches you’ll find in Thailand. Swim in the beautiful bays, with clear blue oceans, emerald lagoons, hidden caves and white-sand beaches. Scuba dive in an underwater paradise, hike to the Phi Phi Don Viewpoint or see the sights on a Phi Phi Island Tour. Visiting Koh Phi Phi on any Thailand vacation is a must-do. 

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While it’s not compulsory, if your main goal is to get out snorkelling and see these Phi Phi Islands, there are Phi Phi Island day tours from Phuket

But, staying overnight on Phi Phi Island on the island will let you experience more than snorkelling and sightseeing. You’ll have time to hike to the Phi Phi Viewpoint, watch a mesmerising sunset over the Andaman Sea, and of course, check out Phi Phi Islands unique nightlife and fire performances. 

Most people don’t realise exactly how remote, secluded and far from the mainland Ko Phi Phi is! With ferry’s taking over two hours to cross the Andaman Sea to Phi Phi Islands, you can end up spending 4 – 5 hours commuting to and from the island, probably more time than you’ll actually get to spend here!

An overnight stay on Koh Phi Phi will generally be a better experience if your schedule allows for it, you’ll feel far less rushed and more time to relax. An overnight stay of at least two nights is definitely the best way to go!



The prettiest beaches and islands on Koh Phi Phi are uninhabited and only accessible by sea.

So, it’s no surprise that taking a boat trip is one of the more popular activities to do in Phi Phi Islands. Koh Phi Phi is an archipelago made up of six-islands; so if you want to visit the Ko Phi Phi Leh national park. You’ll need to book a boat tour to get there! Here are the best tours, you should consider when staying in Koh Phi Phi.

How much is snorkelling tour? For a quality excursion, you should expect to pay, on average 1,500Baht per person; cheaper options can be found but at the sacrifice of quality. For tours from Phuket, the price will be a little higher, you should expect to pay around 4,000Baht for tour from Phuket, with a reputable operator.


phi phi pirate boat phi phi island boat trips nui bay beach

The Phi Phi Pirate Boat is Koh Phi Phi’s most famous; ‘not-a-boat-party’- boat party. Leaving daily from Phi Phi Don, and carrying up to 70 travellers, the crew will lead you on an epic once-in-a-lifetime trip of the Phi Phi Islands. Highly rated by travellers on TripAdvisor and recommended by Lonely Planet. So it should come as no surprise, it’s our #1 thing to do in Koh Phi Phi!

On the custom-built, three-story pirate ship, you’ll discover plenty of seating space and shaded areas, to relax as you’re cruising around the islands with an epic view. There’s a photographer on board to capture all the antics throughout the afternoon, while western, (English & Spanish Speaking) tour guides lead the exertion, creating an amazing atmosphere on board.

A pirate bar is found on the top deck of the ship, get in the true spirit of the pirate adventure and knock-back a rum, cocktail or cool Thai beer! You’ll have the best views of the Andaman for here. The pirate ship stops at some of the most lusted over destination in the Phi Phi Islands, and at each stop, travellers have the chance to swim, snorkel, paddle-board, kayak or ‘Walk the plank’- diving into the warm waters below!

The pirate boat offers incredible value for money, National Park fees, dinner and light snacks are included in the price of the sunset cruise.

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long-tail thing to do phi phi

The long-tail boat is a pinnacle of Phi Phi Islands, formerly used as fishing boats by locals inhabitants on the island, nowadays the captains of these charming Thai long-tail boats earn their living showing travellers around the stunning Phi Phi Islands. No visit to Koh Phi Phi would be complete without taking a ride on one of these authentic Thai Boats.

The majority of travellers agree, chartering your own private boat provides the best value for your money. With more flexibility over your day, making amazing memories is guaranteed! Unless you’re on a tight backpackers budget, there’s no reason not to rent your own boat!

If you want to avoid crowds or customise your own Phi Phi Island tour route- a private long-tail boat tour is a great option, it’s the best choice for couples and honeymooners who want some privacy or for tourists who want to break the mould and do something other than the standard snorkelling tours.

With a local boat captain comes local knowledge, get off the beaten track, visit beaches which aren’t typically visited by tour groups, and snorkel in the spots where you’re most likely to see the Reef Sharks & Turtles!

There are so many beautiful beaches on Phi Phi Don, which have never been documented in the guide books. And even in 2020, if you know where to look- there is every chance you can still have a beach to yourself! Learn more about chartering your own long-tail boat in Koh Phi Phi.

PRIVATE LONGTAIL CHARTERS FROM PHUKET: This is a pretty common misconception; it is not possible to take a long-tail to Phi Phi Islands, from Phuket. The journey of around 45 kilometres would take around 3 hours each way! Besides the fact it is extremely unsafe, it won’t be a pleasant ride. Long-tail boats are designed for use in shallow waters; these picturesque Thai boats aren’t cut out to tackle the open waters between Phuket and Koh Phi Phi.

But there is a second option. When travelling from Phuket, you’ll need to find a private long-tail company, which bundles in return speedboat transfers from Phuket. Find out more about private long-tail tours from Phuket.


sunrise activity in phi phi island

At 6 o’clock in the morning, while most are just getting into bed. Before ferries or tourist even have a chance to arrive from the mainland- there’s a brief window; as the sun rises. To experience Koh Phi Phi as it’s depicted in Alex Garland’s (1996) novel; ‘The Beach‘. Sunrise is the most beautiful time in Koh Phi Phi, the sky glows in mesmerising shades of purple, the ocean is clear, and the white sand beaches are still flat from the nights’ tides.

Phi Phi Islands draw in hoards of tourists during the peak season, the best way to combat this, and beat the crowds is to get out early in the morning at sunrise, before other travellers have a chance. Phi Phi Islands are deserted this early in the morning, due to the nightlife culture & beach parties which Koh Phi Phi is famous for; the islands quickly become a ghost-town! It doesn’t take long after sunrise fro the beaches to start filling up, so make sure to take advantage of this incredible opportunity while you can!

When choosing a sunrise tour, trips from Phi Phi Island have an advantage over Sunrise Trips from Phuket. It takes over an hour to travel from Koh Phuket to Koh Phi Phi, and boats can’t cross the Andman until after sunrise!

The Semi-Private Sunrise Supreme Tour, is one of the most sought after sunrise tours, leaving from the Phi Phi Islands. The exclusive trip, carries a maximum of 8 passengers, on an authentic Thai Longtail Boat, snorkelling, sight-seeing and admiring the views.

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The Maya Bay Sleepabord is a unique experience of Koh Phi Phi, popular amongst Australian travellers. The Maya Bay Sleepaboard trip will see a group of tourists sleeping under the stars in the idyllic bay. But with the recent, and well-needed closure of Maya Beach, it defeats the purpose of the trip! The tour still operates in 2020, but there are much better experiences out there in the same price range.


The Pirate Boat, is by far the best boat party on Phi Phi islands, offering up a great combination of sight-seeing and activities without focusing too heavily on getting intoxicated. But if you wanted something a bit wilder, a booze cruise, you’ll be pleased to hear there are a few opportunities for you out there. The Blanco Boat Party is a good candidate. After new regulations were brought in to crack down on boat parties in the national parks, Blanco no-longer offers unlimited alcoholic drinks.

Bob’s Booze Cruise is another long-standing and highly rated boat party on Koh Phi Phi, Captain bob’s use speedboats rather than cruise boats, which can degrade from the experience somewhat. But what they lack, they really make up for with their upbeat, cheerful crews.


CLOSED – 2018

Shangri-La is Phi Phi Islands only sailing yacht; an exclusive experience offering travellers a chance to cruise the tropical islands on a luxury 58-foot sailing yacht. Admission onto the cruise costs 1,700Bhat; with the price including alcoholic drinks and a sunset BBQ; tickets are sold at the Irish Bar on Phi Phi Don.

The Shangri-La Yacht hold’s the title of the only boat in Thailand with a sea jacuzzi; a cargo net is suspended over the side of the yacht; which guest to relax in with a refreshing cocktail or beer, as the boat cruises through the Andaman Sea ripples emerge from the ocean creating the jacuzzi effect.

Shangri-La was struck by a 2018 legislation, which disrupted all islands tours where alcohol was offered onboard. Shortly after the new law was brought into force, the company ceased trading, the once majestic, bustling yacht can be seen sadly rotting away in mainland Krabi- with no restoration plans in sight.

There are no public available yacht tours in Phi Phi Islands, private charters are possible, but chartering a yacht to yourself comes at a steep price.


phi phi island activity sunset longboat cruise

Ride an Authentic Thai Long Boat around the Koh Phi Phi Leh National Marine Park – ending the day with an incredible sunset. Typically, sunset tours leave at 2:30 pm- returning at 7:30 in the evening after the sunset. Visit all the hotspots in Koh Phi Phi Leh, the Monkey Beach or ‘Monkey Island’ as its often referred to. The Blue Lagoon, and the infamous ‘Maya Bay’.

This Koh Phi Phi activity sits on the cheaper end of the scale, depending on how you go about booking such an activity. There are a few choices when it comes to booking the sunset Phi Phi Island Cruise; first of all, you’ll have a choice of taking the cruise on a long-tail boat or a speedboat. Secondly, you’ll need to choose if you want a private, semi-private or public group trip!

At the cheaper end of the scale, you’ll find a public tour for around 500 baht, but the catch is you’ll often be sharing the boat with up around 20 – 30 others, the cruise offering the best value for money is the Semi-Private Sunset Supreme. The ticket cost will be slightly more expensive, but with a smaller group of just 8 people on the tour- it’s a much better experience.

Being at sea is a beautiful place to watch the sunset from. Plus there’s also an option to night-swim after dark with the glowing-plankton.

More Information Here: Semi-Private Sunset Supreme  



The Phi Phi Island Happy boat was an awesome activity to partake in during an overnight stay on the island. With two colourful, brightly painted boats; the ‘Happy Boat’ & the ‘Baby Boat’ – there was plenty of open deck space for travellers to lounge around. Comfortable colourful bean-bags lay around on the open-air deck, chilled out music played setting the mood on the boat, and French guides created a unique atmosphere.

The happy boat had some awesome watersport activities bundled into the cost of the excursion, including the flying fish; in which travellers were dragged behind a speedboat on an inflatable banana boat. And the hamster roll balls, where travellers can climb inside the giant zorbs and roll around on the surface of the ocean.

Unfortunately, the Happy Boat tour is no longer operating in Koh Phi Phi. The owner posted a final status for the company account on the February/6th 2019 announcing:

Hello guys, the happy boat is finished; but I, am still happy 😀
Check pirate boat they also professional, fun and very good price. Now, the best deal on the island.


things to do in phi phi snorkel snorkelling

For those looking staying overnight in Phi Phi Island on a short stay, getting out and spending the entire day snorkeling and sightseeing makes sense. With limited time in your schedule, you want to see everything in one day. And yes, that’s entirely possible to do! Phi Phi Islands are small, despite popular belief, around six hours is typically enough time to see everything in Koh Phi Phi.

When it comes to choosing the best full-day phi phi island trip for you, there are two popular choices to pick from. Firstly, taking the trip on an authentic Thai Longtail boat. The classic long-tail boat snorkel tour is a popular choice for travellers, partly due to the lower cost to join the trip, and also the authenticity of the boats makes for a much more memorable experience.

Secondly, taking a tour on a speedboat is an option, while some travellers prefer to take a full day tour on a speedboat, it takes away from the charm of the Phi Phi Islands, somewhat. The common belief is that on a speedboat tour you’ll see more places, but as Koh Phi Phi is so small, you’ll see all the hot-spots wheater you choose a longboat snorkel trip or a speedboat snorkel trip.

Travellers Visiting From Phuket Find Out More: Full Day Snorkeling Tour By Big Boat


Koh Phi Phi is the perfect island for a beach getaway, while there are many tourist attraction beaches, even in 2020, (if you know where to look) you can still find secluded, and deserted, white-sand bays without any other travellers!

There are tons of gorgeous beaches, snorkel-spots, coves, lagoons, caves and more in Koh Phi Phi. Most of these hot-spots can only be reached by boat, so it’s a great idea to incorporate seeing these places in with a Phi Phi Island Tour.

It can prove more costly if there is just one place you want to visit, as you need to pay for the entire cost of a boat hire to get there. You won’t find any one-way or return services to places like Pilleh Lagoon or Maya Bay. So make the most of it while on a tour.


When travellers are planning the best places, and where they want to see on their tour of the islands, they’ll often come back with the same destinations, Pilleh Lagoon, Monkey Beach, Viking Cave, Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay. Little do they know that all 5 of these popular destinations are all on the same island. The uninhabited island, Koh Phi Phi Leh.

It takes no more than 5 minutes to get from any one of these locations to next, so instead of budgeting an hour or so for each of these locations, it’s best to budget around three hours for Phi Phi Leh Island as a whole. Which is the perfect amount of time to spend here.

Koh Phi Phi Leh is the second-largest island out of the archipelago, and possibly the most beautiful, the drawback is this is the most crowded island by far. It’s estimated that on average 5,000 travellers visit Phi Phi Leh for snorkelling and sight-seeing each day. While the beautiful beaches on Phi Phi Don are often neglected. Outside of the town, Phi Phi Don attracts just 500 snorkelers and sight-seekers each day. So if you want more exclusivity, you’ll want to get away from the national park and spend more time visiting the unheard-of beaches around Phi Phi Don’s east and west coasts.


PHI PHI monkey beach

Phi Phi Islands are home to many marquee Monkey’s, the wild critters can occasionally be found in the town, but more often they’ll be found hanging out at the ‘Monkey Beach’ – There are two ‘Monkey Beaches on the Phi Phi Islands, one on the north of Phi Phi Don; this beach can be reached by Kayak from Loh Dalum Beach.

The second Monkey Beach (sometimes referred to as ‘Monkey Island’) is found on the southern tip, on route to Koh Phi Phi Leh. At high tides, the beach disappears completely, and the Monkeys are seen swinging up in the cliffs above. At low tides, three beaches are exposed, although the beaches are pretty small.

The little critters might seem cute and friendly, but always remain cautious, remember they are wild animals. Sadly, after years of being fed by tourists. The monkeys are known to become aggressive when seeking out food from tour boats. Feeding the Monkey’s is banned by the Department for National Parks and signs are displayed conveying the information. Sadly, most tourists completely disregard this and feed the Monkeys anyway, further escalation the issues.


One of the most boring and dreary spots you can possible go to in Koh Phi Phi. A stop here is included on 90% of Phi Phi Tours, simply because it is on the way to Phi Phi Leh Island- and more stops means better value for money, I guess?

Why so many travellers recommend visiting the Viking Cave is beyond me. The cave is closed. Since 2009, no travellers have been granted permission to enter the cave. Tour boats are not permitted to get close to the cave. The Viking cave is the worst location to visit in Koh Phi Phi.

Boat captains will slow the boat as they pass, giving you a glimpse from the outside. It’s not worth stopping here, Pilleh Lagoon is just a few minutes away and is far more beautiful.

Many sites such as the Culture Trip describe a visit to the cave where you’ll be allowed to enter and marvel at the ancient paintings on the wall for yourself. This is not the case, our advice, skip this one and save yourself the disappointment.

The Viking cave does, however, hold some interesting history and serves a current day purpose.

The cave owes its name to the historic painting on the interior cave walls, the paintings resemble Scandinavian Drakkar’s. Legend has it that the drawings were created by Scandinavian sailors who became stranded after taking shelter in the cave from a storm. But, you can’t see these paintings for yourself, the cave is closed, and boats can’t come any closer than 30 meters from the entrance.

Why is the cave closed? Locals live in the Viking Cave, and these select few earn a living from harvesting swiftlet birds nests, one of the most profitable industries in the area.

The nests are considered a delicacy in Chinese culture and believed to promote good health. Each nest can fetch up to 2,500USD at market and are available only to the elite. The harvest of bird’s nests is rather a risky job: scaffolds are built with bamboo on which the hunters climb in the darkness to collect the precious loot.

A local legend says that long time ago, after the Scandinavian sailors lost their boat during a storm, and taking shelter in the Viking Cave, the men could survive by eating their nests which gave them enough power to wait for rescue.


Pilleh Lagoon is tucked away on Koh Phi Phi Leh island. This stunning blue water destination is an epic site for snorkelling. The coral is a beauty in itself and there is a ton of marine life such as clownfish to marvel at.

The lagoon is surrounded with towering limestone cliffs all around, so you can really immerse yourself in nature, you’ll find pure bliss and tranquillity with the soothing sounds of the waves gently crashing into the rocks.

Pilleh Lagoon is one of the busiest tourist attractions in Koh Phi Phi and draws crowds in daily. It’s definitely worth visiting in 2020, but it’s best to get out early on a sunrise tour to give yourself the best experience.


Maya Bay, thankfully closed to tourism in June 2018. Due to concerns over sustainability, and the future of the bay.
maya bay without any people during the beach closure

Maya Bay was used as the filming location for the Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The blockbuster movie was released to the world in the year 2000, bringing Maya Bay into the public eye for the first time. Maya Bay is often regarded as the most beautiful beach in the world.

Until the closure of the bay, up to 5,000 tourists would visit the 250-meter beach each day. Due to its popularity and beauty, the bay was suffering from mass tourism and thankfully the Department for National Park’s stepped in, closing the beach indefinitely.

While the beach remains closed, the Bay is still open for boats to visit freely. Even throughout the closure, tourists are undeterred and still flock to the bay, two years on from the closure.

Read More About: The Maya Beach Closure, And How The DNP Are Preparing To Handle The Reopening.

Loh Samah Bay is the cove connecting to Maya Beach, the rear entrance to the bay remains open and is a stunning destination for snorkelling. There is a small white sand beach which is exposed at low tides, and a small island a few meters from the bay, with stunning corals which can be seen below the surface of the ocean.


Bamboo Island one of the prettiest islands in south-east Asia, and one of the biggest attractions in Koh Phi Phi. The island is picture-perfect, with white-sand beaches stretching across the entire perimeter of the island. And with clear blue waters for swimming- it’s easy to see why the isle is such a popular activity in Koh Phi Phi. Drawing in crowds from nearby Phuket as well as travellers from Phi Phi Don, it tends to get busy. Visit the island at sunrise to beat the crowds!

Why is it called Bamboo Island? Uninhabited Bamboo Island or ‘Koh Mai Phai’ in Thai. Translates to ‘The Island Without Bamboo’! The name often gets shortened to, ‘Bamboo Island’, leaving travellers puzzled over where the name originated.

How can you spend the whole day at Bamboo Island? The island is usually visited by day-trippers, with tours stopping here for around an hour, that sometimes is not long enough. If you want to soak up the sun and spend the whole day here, you’ll need to buy yourself tickets for the Andaman Wavemaster Island Hop- the island-hopping boat makes stops at Tonsai Pier, Leamtong Pier and Bamboo Island throughout the day. Tickets cost around 1,000 Bhat for a full day pass. Or 300 Baht for a single journey.

Visiting Bamboo island comes with a catch, as a National Marine Park, all foreign visitors are required to pay 400 Baht in cash on arrival.


Mosquito Island and the surounding water has been closed to torism in March 2016

Mosquito Island – One of Kho Phi Phi’s northern islands, the island is an incredible site for snorkelling with some of the most populated reefs in all of Koh Phi Phi. And at low tides, the small remote beaches are exposed.

Mosquito island was closed by the Department of National Park in 2016, as a rehabilitation trial, before the closure of Maya Bay. As Mosqition island is far less popular and less controversial than Maya Bay, the closure did create the same media attention that the closure of Maya Beach created. After the island was closed, tour companies were quick to remove the island from Phi Phi Island Maps, and promotional materials. Today, the island has been almost forgotten about! Due to fewer DNP boats patrolling the island, long-boat captains have been known to bend the rules and take travellers snorkelling here.

Rehabilitation of the reefs at Mosquito Island (Koh Yung) have shown outstanding results over the past four years – there is no date set for the isle to be reopened.


After Mosquito Island, Hin Klang has the second most active marine life in Phi Phi Islands. Sometimes regarded as Phi Phi’s seventh island, the island doesn’t break the surface of the water. A prime snorkelling destination, located off the east coast of Phi Phi Don, this destination is relatively unheard of, and therefore remains quiet, and doesn’t get crowded to the same scale that the destinations in Koh Phi Phi Leh National Park do!

If you’re looking for the best snorkelling sites in Koh Phi Phi, Hin Klang should definitely make the list!

Find Out More: Book a Private Longtail Boat to Visit Hin-Klang.



swim with sharks in phi phi
After the 2018 closure at Maya Bay, Black Tip Reef Sharks have been seen swimming in the bay.

You’ll need a boat to get here, and there is no guarentee that you’ll see Sharks, but if you’re going to spot them, here will be most likley place! Phi Phi Island is home to the species of Reef dwelling Black-Tip Reef Sharks, these gracious and gentle creatures don’t pose a threat to humans- and are incredible to see up close in the wild, whilst snorkeling.

Hawksbill turtles can also be spotted in the waters of Koh Phi Phi, although rare – there is always a chance. To get the best odd’s of seeing the Sharks or Turtles, getting out early on a Sunrise Tour is crucial.


If your idea of a perfect holiday is lying on a soft white beach or a deck chair, reading a book, sipping a fresh coconut and topping up your tan in the hot sun. Long Beach is the place for you!

You’ll find anything you might need here; mini-marts, rustic bars and romantic restaurants line the beachfront- and a few all-inclusive resorts and swimming pools can also be found nearby. With perfect views of Phi Phi Leh island in the distance, it’s a great place to spend an entire day.

How to get to Long beach? Long Beach is a thirty-minute hike from the main town in Phi Phi Island, which is the recommended way to get there. Its signposted all long and there are scenic ocean views on the hike. Feeling a little lazy, I don’t blame you; it’s hot! You can charter a long-tail boat from Tonsai Pier to Long Beach, typically you should be paying around 500 Baht each way, and a little extra after dark. No need to book such a trip in advance; you’ll find taxi-boat captains hanging out around Tonsai Pier ready to go, at all hours of the day!


Koh Bida Nai and Koh Bida Nok. The smallest of the Phi Phi Islands, and the most southern. The two islands are found of Ko Phi Phi le’s southernmost point. The limestone islands have no beaches, they are nothing more than rock formations jetting out from the ocean. There are plenty of Scuba-Diving sites around these islands, and the waters make for perfect snorkelling.


phi hpi things to do beaches best

Pak Nam Bay, often called the ‘Relax Beach’ is well off the tourist radar for most travellers- it’s a relatively quiet an unknown beach and tends to be kept secret. There are a few rustic beach houses at the back of the bay, and a beach bar and restaurant. The facilities are owned and operated by the Relax Beach Resort, but day-trippers are fully welcome to use the amenities here.


The massive Loh Bakao Beach is a whopping 800 meters long, so plenty of room for activities! The beach is on Phi Phi Islands eastern coast and is home to the most famous resort on Koh Phi Phi the Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort this resort is a megalopolis in itself, occupying 70 acres of land on the Andaman coastline and housing 4 bars and three restaurants!

Th Phi Phi Island village is a great place to explore and get lost, with plenty of local eateries, and bamboo bars outside of the resorts complex. Coconut trees line the beaches giving an authentic Thai feel to the bay.


Runtee or Rantee Beach is not particularly well know, and rarely spoken of amongst travellers- you’ll find some beach, quiet and solitude here. Away from the busy hustle and bustle in the town. The waters are turquoise and clear, great from snorkelling and palm trees provide some shaded areas.

For a couple of hours around mid-day, the beach will see a handful of tour boats stopping by, but nothing that compares to the crowds which flock to the Phi Phi Leh National Park! Kick-back in a hammock and watch from afar. If you desperately want some time to yourself to chill-out, Runtee is the place to be.


Loh Moo Dee Beach, one of the most deserted bays in Koh Phi Phi. It is not often you’ll find others at this beach, with all the hype and focus on Koh Phi Phi Leh, this bay has been neglected and unspoken of in guidebooks. The perfect place to escape from crowds, on the eastern coast of Phi Phi Don Island.

How to get to Loh Moo Dee Beach? You can actually walk to Loh Moo Dee Beach, in around 30 – 45 minutes from the town. The hike is easy-going and suitable for most. If you’re planning on walking to Longbeach, you’re already half-way there!

Make sure to visit Loh Moo Dee while you can! New construction plans have emerged to take over the secluded beach. Focusing on all-inclusive and package holidaymakers a new mega-resort and water park is to be built on the bay.


laemtong beeach bay koh phi phi island things to do

One of the best things you can do on a Phi Phi Island getaway is checking out the beaches. Most travellers never leave the town during their stay on the island, but with so many beautiful white-sand bays to visit on Phi Phi Don, you’ll be missing out if you don’t. You’ll find everything you could want here, including poolside beach bars, pizza joints and beach-front BBQ restaurants.

Laemtong is a perfect example of a beautiful white-sand, blue-ocean quiet-ish beach where you can spend a day relaxing, sipping from fresh coconuts and cool cocktails. As one of the most up-market beaches, prices are a little more inflated here, some of the most exclusive resorts on the Phi Phi Islands are located in Leamtong. While the beach is not in walking distance of the town, you be able to pick up a day pass for the Andaman Wavemaster island hopper, the shuttle boat runs between Laemtong and Tonsai Pier throughout the day.


Phi Phi Island is world-famous for snorkelling, most travellers visit the islands for the sole purpose of taking a ride on a long-tail boat and going out to explore the islands, reefs and marine life.

But there is so much more to do during an overnight stay on Phi Phi Island that most people realise; here are the most awesome activities and things to do on Koh Phi Phi, (you might need to extend your stay)!


phi phi island viewpoint 2014
Photo taken from Phi Phi Islands viewpoint number two back in 2014. A viewing platform now hangs over the rock face where crowds gather at dusk.

One of the more popular activities in Phi Phi Islands is a hike to the famous viewpoint. It’s a must-do, and really not as far as people make out- if you know the quickest route to take, and are in somewhat decent shape, (and not hungover!). How long is the walk to Phi Phi viewpoint? You’ll reach the summit in less than twenty minutes from the town.

Taking the steep staircase is the quickest route to the top, but there are countless other routes you can take. Most routes are signposted so you shouldn’t worry too much about getting lost.

The Phi Phi Island viewpoint is privately owned land, and not free to enter. When you arrive at the Viewpoint One, you’ll need to part with 30 baht to purchase an admission ticket. Tickets are valid throughout the entire day. Make sure to carry cash with you, as it’s a looong walk back down to the nearest ATM! The entrance charge is justified, and the owners keep the site immaculate and clean, with much of the money being but into preservation projects in the area. When compared to the 400 baht fee charged to enter Phi Phi Islands National Parks, its a relatively inexpensive thing to do in Phi Phi.

When is the best time to climb up to the viewpoint? Most people will say sunset, screw that. Sunset is the worst time to visit, everyone’s got the same idea and it is packed!! Watch the sunrise instead, yes, it means waking up at (or staying up until) 5 am. But there will be far fewer travellers there & you’ll have much better lighting for your photos!

There are three viewpoints, all providing awesome views of the Phi Phi Islands- take a break at viewpoint one, before carrying on your assent to viewpoint two. Viewpoint two has the best view of the island, and in recent years a viewing platform has been constructed, and a glass restaurant built, (with air-conditioning)! The owners of the land are a Muslim Family, for religious reasons, there is no alcohol sold or permitted at the top. It would be the perfect place for a lookout bar, but for the time being, you’ll have to stick with water.



cliff jumping things to do phi phi

The once wildly popular craze of cliff jumping in Koh Phi Phi has been ended by the Department of National Parks. The once-popular thing to do would see thrill-seeking travellers pull up to the cliff face on a Thai longtail boat, scramble to the top without safety equipment and then diving off into the ocean below. There are now signs hanging from the cliffs to warn risk-taking travellers of the inherent dangers.

The ban has been in place as of February 2016, with no plans to re-introduce the activity. The un-regulation, and lack of training for guides operating these activities; Deep Water Solo and Cliff Jumping in Phi Phi Islands made it an extremely dangerous thing to do. With novice climbers and experts left to their own devices, this activity caused many a traveller to cut their Backpacking plans short.



Climbing Phi Phi Islands Tonsai Tower was an awesome thing to do in Koh Phi Phi. The limestone cliff-face looks over Tonsai beach and provides incredible views of the Andaman ocean. A once-popular and magnificent destination for climbing has been left untouched in recent years.

Yes, sorry to break the news, but rock climbing in Koh Phi Phi is no more! While rock climbing is still heavily promoted online as one of the best activities to do on Koh Phi Phi. You’ll have a tough time finding a climbing school when you arrive!

Why was rock-climbing banned on Koh Phi Phi? The ban was implemented due to safety concerns after the then Park Chief declared the sport as unsafe. “There is no need for an expert’s opinion on this; I can see myself that it is not safe.” – declared the Park Cheif of Koh Yao Noi. Without any proper investigations, the sport was caught up with the safety concerns of cliff-jumping and was banned alongside cliff jumping and deep water solo (DWS).

A ban was implemented in February 2016 at the time, the National Parks assured rock-climbing schools they could continue to operate after applying for a soon-to-be-launched permit. The details of the permits were never finalized and as such no applications were accepted, putting climbing schools out of business. To do this day rock-climbing has been almost forgotten about in Koh Phi with climbers now preferring to head to Railay beach as an alternative, Raily is around two hours from Phi Phi Island by ferry.


Renting a sea Kayak in Phi Phi Island is an awesome thing to do! You can find huts on both Tonsai Beach and Ao Loh Dalum Beach, where you’ll be able to rent a Kayak. And for groups of 3, you can even pick up a tri-yak! How much does Kayaking in Phi Phi cost? Typically, the cost to rent a kayak on Phi Phi Island will start at 200 baht per hour on average, deals can be negotiated for longer rentals.

When renting a sea kayak from Ao Loh Dalum Bay, you can paddle your way out to Ao Ling Yai, or ‘The big Monkey Beach’ in under 15 minutes, or those feeling more adventurous, you can make your way over to Phi Phi Islands stunning Nui Bay.

Tip: When renting a Kayak from Loh Dalum Beach, wait until low tides, the tide in the bay will be out almost half a kilometre, meaning you’ll use less energy to get to the Monkey Beach, plus, on the return trip, the incoming tides will ease your energy, bringing you into shore! Some Phi Phi Island Tours incorporate sea-kayaking as an activity, so if you want to explore further, joining a trip such as the Phi Phi Pirate Boat will give you more opportunities to Kayak around Bamboo Island and Pilleh Lagoon!


Some visitors to Phi Phi Island are here for relaxation, snorkeling and island hopping. Many, however, are here to party. With Phi Phi Islands famous nightlife culture, alcohol sold by the bucket and dance music playing until early-hours- there’s no better place to party. And what better way to find the best bars and clubs, than on a Phi Phi Island Bar crawl.


IBIZA pool party phi phi island

If you’re in Koh Phi Phi to party, a pool party should be high up on your list of things to do.

Ibiza Dorms, host the self-acclaimed “Biggest Pool Party in South East Asia”, but definitely the biggest and best pool party in Phi Phi Island.

The purpose-built Ibiza pool, on Loh Dalum Beach, has ocean views, live Dj’s beer-pong tables, free entry and awesome vibes. Hosted three times a week, hang out by the pool, kick-back and sip on a cool cocktail.

More Information: Check The Upcoming Dates For Ibiza Pool Party.

Not to worry, if there is no pool party open at Ibiza during your stay in Phi Phi Island, Princess Pool host regular parties every other day, conveniently located a few meters down from Ibiza!


With the hot sun beating down on the island of Koh Phi Phi, spending some time chilling out in an ocean view pool is a great thing to do when you need to cool-off and relax! Without the madness you’ll find at the Ibiza Pool Party, there are plenty of swimming pools which outside visitors can take advantage of!

The Don Chukkit restaurant allows outsiders to use their pool, granted you’re staying in their hotel or buying their food and drinks! The views overlook the Phi Phi Harbour where ferries and long-boats can be seen coming into port.

Phi Phi Princess Resort has their pool open to the public for a small entry fee, which includes the use of poolside seats. With ocean views of Loh Dalum Beach, there is no better thing to do on a hot afternoon in Phi Phi Island!


There is no better place to watch a sunset than in Phi Phi Island! There are a few hidden look-out spots where you can catch the sun-setting, but so long as you’re looking over Loh Dalum Beach, (depending on the time of year)- you should get a great view!

Some of the bars, like the Phi Phi Island Only Bar, (Sunset bar), boast oceanview terraces, proving an awesome place to catch the sun go down. The Phi Phi Island Viewpoint is another option, but with crowds all sharing the same idea it can get a little busy, much better to head there for sunrise!

But by far the best place to watch the sunset in Phi Phi Island is at sea. Floating majestically on a wooden Thai long-tail boat will be one of the most peaceful things to do that can experience in Phi Phi Island. Put the camera down, listen to the sound of the ocean waves- and for a brief moment, you’ll escape reality; watching the sun disappear over the horizon.

You can incorporate watching a sunset at sea with longtail boat snorkelling tour that includes a sunset, or charter your own private boat!

What time is sunset in Phi Phi Island? The sun goes down at the same time, all year round! The sun sets in Koh Phi Phi between 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM.


paddle boarding phi phi island

Stand up paddle boarding in Phi Phi Island is a fun thing to do. While there aren’t any places to rent paddleboards from, you can join a boat tour, such as the Phi Phi Pirate Boat. This boat tour includes stand up paddle boarding as an activity, and paddleboarding in Phi Phi Leh’s Blue Lagoon is one of the best destinations to test out your skills!


Chartering you own private Speed Boat can prove a relatively inexpensive thing to do, and incredible experience of the Phi Phi Island! Surprisingly cheaper than most people would imagine. You can hire your own private Speedboat to take your around the Koh Phi Phi islands for only 15,000 Baht! Split that between a small group, and you’ve got an amazing deal.

With so many place to explore in Phi Phi Island, this activity is a must-do.


Island hopping in Koh Phi Phi is a popular activity and its no surprise as to why. With so much to explore, it’s a must-do activity for any first-time traveller to the island. Koh Phi Phi is formed of six islands, which can only be reached by boat. There are countless caves, coves and lagoons to explore.

There’s no better way to get out island hopping, than by taking control of your day and hiring your own Private Longtail Boat.  Long0tail boats are iconic to Koh Phi Phi, and a truly authentic experience of Thailand. No visit to the islands would be complete without a long-tail boat ride!

The cost to hire a longtail boat from Koh Phi Phi Don is 500Baht per hour + 500Baht per person, (excluding National Park Fees).


Renowned as one of the most picturesque snorkel destinations in the world, no traveller should leave Phi Phi Island without snorkelling at least once. There is so much marine life beneath the surface and stunning coral reefs.

Snorkelling can take up a post of its own! So without going into too much detail, there are some incredible sites to visit, snorkelling can be incorporated into a boat trip or private hire, or pick-up a mask and snorkel set from one of the many small shops in the town and make your way over to the long-beach!



Wakeboarding, waterskiing, banana boating, tubing, inflatables and much more packed into this awesome thing to do in Phi Phi Island! Equipment & drinks included.

Much like Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise all you can drink beer is included in the coat of the attraction, but the watersports experience also comes with, well.. watersports. It’s, therefore, a little less party focused since some vague level of sobriety is needed for the watersports. The watersports included are tubing and waterskiing/wakeboarding. You can pick one all of them!

You can usually book tickets a day invance, finding the activity promoted outside the Banana Bar during the day.

*For the time being, the watersports experience is no longer activly operating on Phi Phi Island. The next best choice is the Phi Phi Pirate Boat!


phi phi bobs booze cruise

The once number one rated Koh Phi Phi Activity on TripAdvisor. Until new regulations were introduced (2018) to crack down on booze cruises in Phi Phi Islands effectively putting an end boat parties on Koh Phi Phi.

Bob’s rebranded from Captain Bob’s Sailing Booze Cruise to Captain Bob’s Cruise. Also making the switch from a sailing yacht to speedboats.

In 2020, Bob’s is rebuilding their former glory restarting the famous all you can drink booze cruise. There’s nothing outstanding about the tour itself, there’s no bar, just a chiller or alcohol, no DJ, just an iPod hooked up to the speedboats speakers. But what really makes this trip special is the atmosphere on the boats and the passion from the guides, crews and staff on the boats making Captain Bob’s an awesome 10/10 thing to do in Phi Phi Island.

You’ll find Bob’s promoted at Tonsai Pier, and more than likely be passed a flyer once you step off the boat onto Phi Phi Island for the first time- or book your place in advance at

How much is Bob’s Booze Cruise? 3,000Baht For Guys, 2,500Baht For Girls.


phi phi island tonsai town village things to do

Tonsai town is where all the action is at, its the home of Tonsai Pier, the first port of call for most visitors to Phi Phi Island, and its where the majority of the accommodation, bars and restaurants will be found. The town can feel like a maze at first, all the streets some-what similar-looking, and incredible smells coming from the local Thai restaurants. Wherever you walk, it won’t take long before ending you end up on a stunning beach! So take some time to get lost strolling around the town.


One of the, if not the worst things to do on the island. But it wouldn’t be a complete guide without including the shooting ranges. There’s three on the island. One near the main pier, one in the centre of town and another near the Don Chukkit Resort.

Makeshift shops with egg cartons lining the walls. Open as and when, and always deserted. You’re bound to have a terrible time!


Koh-Lanta-day trip from phi phi island

It’s totally possible to do, but it much better to stay overnight on Koh Lanta. But if your accommodation is already booked in Koh Phi Phi and your schedule doesn’t alow for an overnight stay on Koh Lanta. Making a day trip from Phi Phi Island can be a great thing to do.

It’s only possible to make the trip during Thailand’s peak season, that’s from November until April.  At this time of year, you’ll find regular speedboats operating between the islands which will give you the maximum time on Koh Lanta. You won’t have all day, but you can usually get around six-hours in Lanta depending on the boat schedules. You’ll find motorbike rental close by to Saladan Pier once you arrive, which is the best way to explore the island.

During the green-season, all speedboats cease to run and only one ferry per day is left operating. So an overnight stay is a must.


scuba diving phi phi islands

Phi Phi Islands are home to awesome dive sites, such s the King Cruiser Wreck. Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities for travellers to do in Phi Phi Islands. Immerse yourself and get lost in the underwater world. And you don’t need to be a licenced diver to get out there, scuba schools offer try dives for beginners in shallower waters to give you a feel for the activity.

There are countless professional Scuba Diving schools on Phi Phi Island, you’ll have no trouble finding someone ready to take you out on your first dive. But we’d recommend paying a visit to the Adventure Club.


phi phi island beach massage

Thailand, the land of smiles. Home to a million a one massage parlours. There’s no better way to relax than by getting an authentic Thai Massage. There are plenty of massage shops found in Tonsai Town such as Baan Sabai Thai Massage. But for the best experience, walking out of town towards the Long-Beach, you’ll find the beachfront, open-air parlours. And while prices here might be a little more than in the town, the sounds of the ocean makes for a more relaxing experience.

Find Out More: Phi Phi Massage.


hand some heart tattoo phi phi island

A tattoo is pretty permanent souvenir, so it’s not a great idea to get something you’ll later regret. But if you were already planning to get a tattoo; why not your tattoo Handpoked with Bamboo! You’ll get much finer detailing and almost no time to heal.

Tattoo shops on the island are generally clean, but prices might leave you shocked. Take your time to find a quality artist and shop, somewhere like Handsome Heart Tatoo and never haggle on the price. It’s not worth pissing off the guy who is about to permanently ink your skin over a few hundred baht! If you don’t agree with the price, move on and find another shop.


phi phi island things to do street market

Thailand is well know for its markets with vendors selling almost anything imaginable, delicious street food and deals are found on every corner. Koh Phi Phi is no different.

The local market on Phi Phi Island is pretty small and takes up a single side street. You’ll find some tasty foods on offer here and an assortment of stalls selling a variety of local produce.

The market is behind the Baracuda Diving shop, near Tonsai Pier. On weekends, an extension of the market reaches out onto the boardwalk at the pier, this secondary market is where the best foods are found, but there’s no guarantee the market will open, and if so; when!



An awesome activiy for thillseekers looking for things to do in Phi Phi, and for the next adventure. Strap yourself in to the parachute on Loh Dalum Beach before being towed in the air through Loh Dalum Bay behined a speedboat. You’ll get scenic views over all the Phi Phi Islands from up here!

At the moment parasailing isn’t operating in Phi Phi Islands, but keep your eyes open around the beaches, as the activity will re-appear every so often; usually in the mid of the peak season. If there is no parasailing when you are in Phi Phi Islands, you’ll find what you are looking for and more watersports such as Jet-Skiing in the nearby Patong Beach, Phuket.


Phi Phi Island is a travellers and tourists paradise, but you’ve hiked the viewpoint, take an awesome Phi Phi Island Tour and now you’re looking to get off the beaten track and try out some of the non-touristy thing to do in Phi Phi Island.

The island, while beautiful, is a tourist destination at heart- there is no denying that. While there are still local people who live on the island and remember the times before tourists knew Koh Phi Phi existed; this community is small but respected. The majority of Thai workers moved to the island from other provinces, in search of better jobs in the tourism industry. Here’s our list of the top ‘Non-Touristy’ activities to do on Koh Phi Phi!


trash hero non tourisy thing to do

Like it or not, if you visit Phi Phi Islands, you are contributing to creating waste. However, most travellers are responsible and are able to manage their own waste and dispose of things properly. So travellers are no abe to do this. And unfortunately waste would build upon the beaches if no-one was clearing up. So for the ultimate non-tourist experience, and to help give something back to the island- you can join trash hero on one of their weekly beach clean-ups.

Trash Hero are a volunteer organisation on Koh Phi Phi, making positive changes to the island. They organise weekly clean-ups, meeting up at the Tsunami Memorial centre every Sunday at 4:00 PM. So what’s stopping you, why not pitch in and give something back!

Find Out More: Trash Hero Phi Phi Island

Trash Hero Schedule: Trash Hero Phi Phi Island


banyan fitness center phi phi island things to do

Vacation and holidays are a time of relaxation and great foods, and Thailand is the home of tasty cuisine, wok-fried street foods and dirt cheap beers. So if you find yourself in Phi Phi Islands on a rainy day and you’re not sure what to do, you might want to spend some time working all those Phad Thai’s and Chang Beers in the gym! Luckily Koh Phi Phi has a fitness centre open to the public.

Part of the Banyan resort, the gym is well maintained with air-conditioning, ocean views, quality cardio equipment and a collection of free weights. But holding a monopoly over the gym’s on the island, access doesn’t come cheap. Entry is 400 Thai Baht a person, per session! Or grab a week pass for an eye-watering 2,300 Baht ($75) + 40 Baht a session. The Banyan Fitness Center is open at the most awkward possible hours, between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, so for the early risers, you’re out of luck. Perhaps a jog on the beach instead.

For budget travellers and backpackers, the Tapear Gym is a more affordable option, while not a glamorous- the open-air gym is certainly authentic. And costs just 50 Bhat per session.

Find Out More: Banyan Fitness Center

Find Out More: Tapear Gym / Tapear Gym Facebook


Since around 2012 Maya Bay Camping is no more, no more permits are being issued, no tour operators are permitted to run Maya Bay camping trips- and no outside visitors can stay overninght on the uninhabited Phi Phi Leh Island. But there’s noting stopping you from bring your own tent and camping on one of Phi Phi Don’s more remote beaches.


phi phi island buffalo head bar phi phi village

The Phi Phi Island Village (not to be confused with Tonsai Town), is a world away from all the chaos in the town. A place which very few travellers in Phi Phi Island even know exists! You’ll find mangrove forests, lagoons and rivers, and authentic village community with a few bamboo restaurants and bars.

Walking here takes just over an hour of trekking through the jungle. Or if you’re feeling lazy, you’ll be able to find a longtail boat captain willing to taxi you here fro around 1,500 Baht.



The Phi Phi Paint Bar is a unique attraction on the main island, Koh Phi Phi Don. Suitable for all ages and skill-sets, and a great way to relax and wind-down.

You’ll be supplied with your own easel and canvas and there are cool beers included in the price. You’ll be taught as a class and create a scenic painting of Phi Phi Islands. A souvenir most go without.

There are many talented artists and paint shop owners on Phi Phi Island, a painting isn’t a cheap souvenir. But its a memorable one. Most artists will arrange to ship to your painting to your home country at no extra cost.


If you’re looking for adventure and something different to do in Phi Phi Islands. The ultimate non-tourist activity, an incredible activity, expereinced by few, deep-sea fishing in the Andaman is the perfect thing to do!

Very few people can say they’ve fished in Koh Phi Phi, but it’s one of the best activities on the islands. You’ll have the chance to catch Squid & Barakuda in the waters.

Five Star Thailand Tours arrange bespoke fishing tours, (from Phuket or Koh Phi Phi) where you can spend an entire day out on the Andaman Sea. Five Star Thailand Tours supply all your fishing gear and you can spend the day learning to fish like a local on a traditional Longtail Fishing Boat!

Beers are included, so kick back with a cool one in the hot sun & see what you can catch!


phi phi island marine discovery centre

The marine discovery centre at the Phi Phi Island Village Resort houses four rooms; the Shark Room, the Phi Phi Islands Room, the Clownfish Room, and the Auditorium – and offers visitors colourful, interactive displays explaining the life cycles and habits of the unique marine species endemic to the region.

The educational centre aim to educate both locals and tourists on the importance of sustainability in the oceans.

This unique attraction is also used to raise Bamboo & nurse sharks, also operates a special programme to re-introduce clownfish and bamboo sharks to Phi Phi.

Learn More: Marine Discovery Brochure


non tourist thing to do phi phi island cooking class pum pums school

You might be surprised to see a cooking class listed as a ‘non touristy’ thing to do in Phi Phi Islands, and while Pum’s cooking class is heavily publicised in almost every blog about Koh Phi Phi, the school itself remains quiet. It’s rare to ever see anyone taking the classes nowadays, but its still one of the best things to do in Koh Phi Phi, with such little demand, you’re pretty much guaranteed a private or semi-private one-on-one class!

There is only one Pum’s Cooking school on the island, if fact, for that matter; there is only one cooking school on the island. The prices are affordable with classes starting at 500Baht & you keep the food you cook – so you save money on lunch!


Doctor Fish, located in the centre of Tonsai Town. Dunk your feet in the water with the Garra Rufa ‘massage’ fish’. The fish will nibble at your feet, removing any dead skin. A wierd expereicne, but a great thing to do none the less. Prices are around 300Baht an hour.


So you’ve probably heard about the famous Phi Phi Island fire shows and you’ll definitely have seen the performers in action if you’ve spent enough time in Thailand.

But, did you know there are classes running during the day; where you can learn these skills yourself! These classes aren’t advertised they’re run by the fire show performers themselves as a side hustle. So you’ll have a very small class, with a chilled vibe!

There’s no online bookings for this! You’ll need to stop by at Carlitos Beach Bar, and ask for details behind the bar!


phi phi island karaoke

Visa Kareoke is Phi Phi ISlands only kareoke bar, a real non-touristy thing to do, the place will be packed with locals. Located in the heart of the town, its a great place to kick-off your evening.


NUI bay beautiful beach phi phi island things to do

Not many people can say they’ve walked to Phi Phi Don’s most beautiful beach! It’s a long walk and it will take around two hours to reach the bay.

Nui Bay is probably Phi Phi Islands most beautiful beach, sitting on the northernmost tip of Phi Phi Don, this secluded bay is paradise. It’s known about, but its much quieter than the likes of the Phi Phi Leh National Park.

Some choose to hire a boat to visit this beach, some will rent a kayak and paddle there, but for a real non-touristy thing to do in Phi Phi Island, hiking to Nui Bay is a must and a stunning trail.

The two-hour hike from Tonsai Town will pass through the Phi Phi Island Village, there are scenic ocean views and dense tropical jungles. On this hike, you’ll see a side of Koh Phi Phi, that most travellers could begin to imagine exists. There is so much more to Koh Phi Phi than meets the eye, you’ve just got to get out and do it! Just remember the route isn’t marked out on Google Maps!

And if you don’t fancy the hike back bring cash and there’s always a chance you can buy your way onto a tour boat for the journey back!


Phi Phi Island is well known and world-famous for its natural beauty, scenery and outstanding views. But it’s no secret that after dark Phi Phi becomes a party-goers haven- with alcohol sold by the bucket, at low prices. Physcadellic trance parties line the beaches and music plays until the early hours of the morning. Here are the most popular things to do in Phi Phi Islands at night.


There is a scene in the movie ‘The Beach‘ glamorising the bioluminescent plankton – and the demand to go and see the plankton is huge!

There are a handful of spots around the coast of Phi Phi Don Island where the Glowing Plankton can be seen, but its only visible after dark, the best way to see the Glow Plankton is to incorporate it in with a Phi Phi Island Tour; such as the Semi-Private Sunset & Plantok Supreme. Otherwise chartering a private boat for an hour or so is an option but at a higher price.

Sunset in Phi Phi Island is at around 6:30 PM, with the best time to see the Plankton being 7:00 – 7:30 PM. The Glowing Plankton is visible all year round, but you’ll find it more vivid closer to the Full Moon.


phi phi island beach party loh dalum bay things to do

Ao Loh Dalum Beach is the party capital of Phi Phi Island, with clubs and bars lining the waterfront and parties begining around 8:00 PM, you’ll find fire perfomers showing off thier skills, and crowds in awe. Alcohol is sold in litterall buckets, and DJ’s create a euphoric atmosphere for revelers to dance into the small hours of the morning. Slinky’s Bar is one of the more popular party destinations and a great place to end your night.


sunad fire show performance phi phi island carlitos bar

Fire Show’s are commonly found in Thaialnd, and even more so in Phi Phi Island. You’ll find fire performances on almost every beach, and most are free to watch, (when buying a drink).

Carlito’s Bar, in Tonsai Bay, has a chilled out vibe and one of the best-choreographed performance on Phi Phi Island.


banana bar phi phi island things to do at night

Phi Phi Islands Banana Bar was one of the best bars on the island, with the most chilled out atmosphere. The bar is built from Bamboo, and with three floors, you’ll get the best views on the rooftop. The rooftop of the Banana Bar has been recently shut-down due to building regulation violations, (August 2019). The ground floor restaurant & bar remain open, but without the rooftop access, give it a miss.

Happy hour is at 4:20 and every evening at 7 pm the latest and greatest pirated movie is projected onto the cinema screens and beanbags are laid out. You’ll be able to buy yourself some special cigarettes & some tasty Mexican food to enjoy the movie with.

If you stop by this bar in the day time, you’ll find a selection of PlayStation 4 games & table tennis. In the evening you’ll find beer pong tables & buy-one-get-one-free buckets of Banana Daiquiri!


thing to do at night in phi phi island hippies bar

The perfect bar for those who want to avoid the party-scene, the Hippies Bar is one of the only remaining chill-out bars in Phi Phi Island. Its much quieter than bars in the town and on the Loh Dalum ‘Party Beach’, this rustic bar, has stunning ocean views located a short walk outside of the town. Food is avilible here, but it’s not the greatest.


reggae bar phi phi island things to do at night muay thai fight

Phi Phi Island, home to the Reggae Bar– one of the most unique things to do in Phi Phi Island at night.

This famous bar is located in the center of the Tonsai Town, and features a full sized boxing ring in the bar! Proffesional Thai fighters warm up the crowd with scheduled Muay Thai fights at 9 PM, while later on in the evening tourists are invited into the ring themselves!

Tourists who choose to fight and entertain the other partreons, have thier efforts rewarded with a bucket of Thai Whisky and a plastic medal. Fights are usually kept pretty tame, with a referee overseeing three one minute rounds.

The bar has been used in film and television over the years, and is a popular place for visitors in Phi Phi Island to visit. It’s free entry, once you’ve brought a drink- there bar is full every evening, and as such there is often a long que to enter. So if you want ringside seats, make sure to get here early on.


New regulations in Phi Phi Island, see most bars closing at 1 AM. The Sunshine Bar, Phi Phi Islands newest bar is fighting back, and opening well into the morning. The sunshine bar, located next to the sunset bar, boasts rooftop views over the Loh Dalum Beach and is Phi Phi Islands first silent disco. The only bar to offer an open bar, for just 600 Thai Baht, you can by yourself entry to the rooftop and you’ll get unlimited drinks from the bar for 4 hours!


klong siam live music bar phi phi islands

Klong-Siam is one of Phi Phi Islands lively bars of one of the best things do to in Phi Phi Island at night. The incredible atmosphere can be felt from just walking past the bar. Conveniently located in the centre of town, a live band plays sing-along classics the small size of the bar, and popularity with travellers often spilling out onto the streets surrounding.


klong siam live music bar phi phi islands

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klong siam live music bar phi phi islands

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klong siam live music bar phi phi islands

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klong siam live music bar phi phi islands

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