How do you fly to Phi Phi Islands? So you’ve decided you’ll be visiting Thailands; Phi Phi Islands. But now its time to figure out the logistics, how exactly are you going to get to Phi Phi Islands?! Where can you book your flight to Phi Phi? and which is the nearest airport to Phi Phi island?


Can you fly to Phi Phi island? For those that are planning to fly to Phi Phi Islands, sadly, no, you’re out of luck. There are no flights to Koh Phi Phi and there are no airports on the island.

In fact, due to the limestone cliffs, lack of flat land, combined with the small size of the island, it would be near impossible to construct an airport able to handle commercial flights.

Koh Phi Phi doesn’t have space for cars, mopeds or even bicycles, let alone space to land an aeroplane! Not to mention an airport would be unwanted and cause huge disruptions to Phi Phi Islands natural beauty.

So, no flights direct, but how do you reach Phi Phi Island by air? So rule out flying to the island directly, but there are alternative options. Nearby airports on the mainland offer regular connections to Koh Phi Phi. The nearest airports to the Phi Phi Islands are located in Phuket, and Krabi provinces. As Koh Phi Phi is only accessible by sea, you’ll need to combine your means of transport with a flight to either Phuket or Krabi, a taxi to the pier and then a boat over to the islands.

Which airport is closest to Phi Phi Island? Phuket is usually the most popular choice for travellers to touch-down when planning a visit to Phi Phi Islands, however, it’s further away from Krabi Airport. Krabi Airport has clear advantages over Phuket when travelling to Phi Phi.

It was once possible to fly to Phi Phi Islands on a small 11 seater sea-plane. Operated by Destination Air, until the company folded in 2010 the seaplane provided unique views of Phi Phi Islands from the skies! The 45 kilometre flight from Phuket used to cost 5,000 Bhat per person and take just 20 minutes before touching down at Phi Phi Islands Zevola Resort. There is no such service currently operating.


Phuket airport is a popular entry point for travellers heading to Phi Phi Islands, however, you can save yourself both time and money by choosing to fly to Krabi instead! The journey from Phuket Airport to Rassada Pier, (the nearest pier with boats to Phi Phi Island) takes one hour on average and will cost up to a thousand Thai Baht for a one-way taxi ride there!

Arriving at Rassada Pier, you’ll need to shell out another 600 Thai Baht for a ferry ticket to reach the islands, the ferry is advertised as a two-hour ride, so Thailand, being Thailand, the ride will take two and a half hours. Putting the total travel time at over four hours- and costing a whopping 1,600 Bhat (50USD). The last passenger boat to sail each day is the Pichamon ferry, operated by Chao Koh Group. This boat leaves Rassada Pier at 3:00 PM. So in order to connect with a boat to Phi Phi Islands, you’ll need to book a flight touching town before 1:00 PM! During Thailands peak season, speedboats operate up until 5 PM, but there is guarantee they’ll run every day and are often cancelled at short notice due to poor weather or few passengers.



Flying into Krabi Airport to connect with Phi Phi Islands is the smarter choice. Krabi Airport is slightly smaller in comparison to Phuket, which means quicker immigration lines for those touching down from overseas, and a better overall experience. Krabi Airport is only fifteen to twenty minutes from the pier! (Klong-Jilard Pier) upon exiting the airport you’ll find a handful of tour touts where you can book a combo ticket to Phi Phi Island, for around 500 THB, the combo tickets includes a shared van to Klong Jilard Pier and a boat ticket to Phi Phi.

But if you’ve got some time on your hands, you can jump into a taxi and ride to the pier yourself. It’s tough to find a metered taxi but expect to pay a fixed rate of about 300 Bhat. Or downloading the Grab taxi application, (Asia’s version of Uber/Lift) can earn you a cheaper rate, still. At Klong-Jilard pier you’ll find a few small street restaurants serving delicious Thai meals- perfect to kill some time while waiting for your boat to depart.

Ferry tickets can be brought from the counter inside the pier itself, for 450 Thai baht. With the ferry ride taking just one hour at thirty minutes to reach Phi Phi Islands from Krabi. The total cost is 750 Bhat, over half the price of travelling from Phuket, and the total travel time can be under two hours, depending on the time your flight lands.

When travelling to Phi Phi Islands from Krabi Airport, you’ll need to choose a flight which lands before 2 PM, in order to connect with the last ferry of the day, leaving at 3:30 PM. When buying a ferry ticket at Krabi Pier, be sure to ignore the many ticket sellers you’ll find outside and at the ‘official reservation desks’. Walk straight through, past the seating area, past the service counters, past the restaurants- and you’ll find the official booth tucket away, head up to the ticketing window here to get the best price for your ferry ticket.


For travellers on a tight schedule, not everyone has enough time on their Thailand vacation to stay overnight in the Phi Phi Islands. Did you know its possible to make a day trip to Phi Phi Islands from either Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta or Ao-Nang?! On a Phi Phi Island Tour, you’ll get to enjoy the natural beauty of the islands- without needing to make an overnight trip.

For travellers in Phuket, riding on a traditional Thai Long-Tail boat is one of the most iconic experiences to partake in. Find out more: Phi Phi Island Private Long-Tail Boat Tours from Phuket. Or for those staying overnight, don’t forget to check out the full guide on things to do in Phi Phi Island!

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phuket airport to rassada pier phi phi island flight travel time
Travelling from Phuket International Airport (HKT) to Rassada Pier (Phi Phi Island Pier) can take over one hour by road, and a taxi can cost up 1,000 Baht!
krabi airport to klongjilar pier travel time
From Krabi Airport to Klong-Jilard pier, travel times can be as short at 20 - 30 minutes, and the journey typically costs around 300 baht for a taxi ride. Much closer and cheaper than in Phuket.
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