James Bond Island Day Tour

James Bond island is a real treasure of Thailand, where you can witness incredible sights and landscapes; some of the best Thailand can offer. Feel out of this world, taking in the incredible view.

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james bond island tour

This day tour’s highlight aside from the landscapes is a visit to one of the most popular sites of Phang-nga bay. We are talking about the James Bond island where the movie “The man with the golden gun (1974)” was filmed. Also, visit Koh Panak and Koh Hong for sightseeing and discover fauna & flora. Visit Panyee village to see the local sea gipsy life and the most exciting canoeing experience, which will take you through a large cave and to the lagoon inside.

On a James Bond Island Day Tour will start the day by visiting the famous Monkey Cave at Suwan Kuha Temple and you will be able to spot amazing views at the islands around the Phang Nga bay. Enjoy while you’re canoeing at Talu Island, discover the magical Mangrove Forest at Phang Nga Bay in a luxurious long-tail boat and explore the famous movie spot at James Bond island.

Dine a fresh Thai lunch at the famous Fisherman Village, buy some souvenirs from the locals and take pictures of the numerous memorable moments that you will have on the day of the tour.

Finally, explore Buddha cave, where you can find stalactites, Stalagmites, and a number of natural wonders that combine to make this place completely unique.

We strive to make your Thailand visit worthwhile, we are responsible to make sure that you take in the whole beauty of our landscapes and our people.

James Bond Island Day Tours from Phuket

One to the summit of pleasure in which you explore a number of Thailand’s most spectacular and beautiful landscapes across Phang-nga bay. This afternoon tour includes a trip to the very popular and appealing landmark of Phang Nga bay, ” James Bond island in which the film “The man with the golden gun (1974)” has been first filmed. Visit Koh and Koh Panak hong for sightseeing and also find flora & fauna. Stop by Panyee village to find the neighbourhood sea gipsy life and also the many exciting canoeing throughout the cave along with the lagoon inside.

Will begin the day by going to the renowned Monkey Cave in Suwan Kuha Temple and cure your self with beautiful views in the islands around the Phang Nga bay. You could even soak in the gorgeous views as you’re canoeing at Talu Island, find the charming Mangrove Forest in Phang Nga Bay with extended tail boat and learn more about the renowned movie place at James Bond island.

About James Bond Island Day Tours from Phuket, It’s possible for you to immerse yourself into the gorgeous landscape with turquoise seas and bright cliffs. Dine a new Thai lunch in the most well-known Fisherman Village, purchase some antiques from the natives and take photos of unforgettable moments.

Last, explore cave, Stalactites, Stalagmites, a great deal of monkeys are waiting to welcome one in the front of the temple.

James Bond Island Day Tours from Phuket, National Park, Mangrove Swamps is just another thing. You’ll have the ability to find the stunning coral islands and stunning views one of the mangrove woods and see the fisherman’s village where you could see the regional people about their particular daily patterns of life around the water. This excursion won’t disappoint, therefore be ready to be astounded.

The excursion starts with a morning hotel pickup and requires you to Royal Phuket Marina or Ao Por Grand Marina, out of where you jump onto a speedboat and visit the Upon the arrival, enjoy holiday on Panak Island And float at a tranquil tropical lagoon before eventually getting your opportunity to gaze Stroll through an enchanting mangrove woods, find Ancient paintings and much more. Hong Island. Relax on the shore around Naka Noi Island following your hectic day before Heading back to a hotel.

James Bond Island Day Tours from Phuket