Private Speedboat Charter To Phi Phi
Travel From Nearby Islands and Mainland

Package One: Private Speedboat Charter For Travel To Phi Phi Islands

Per Boat (Up to 6 Guests):

FROM ฿ 18,000 THB

Extra Adult:

฿ 1,000 THB

Extra Children:

฿ 0 THB

The only way to reach the Phi Phi Islands is by ferry or speedboat. For the ultimate convince and flexibility charter your own private speedboat to travel to Phi Phi. Land transfers and Luggage transfers included.
Check our shared transfers for a lower cost service.

All hotels are on Phi Phi Don Island. Your private speedboat will dock at the pier or beach closest to your resort.

Charter a private speedboat on the following routes: 🔽

  • Private Speedboat From Phuket to Phi Phi Island (22,000THB)
  • Private Speedboat Phuket Airport to Phi Phi Island (25,000THB)
  • Private Speedboat Krabi to Phi Phi Island (20,000THB)
  • Private Speedboat Ao Nang to Phi Phi Island (21,000THB)
  • Private Speedboat Koh Lanta to Phi Phi Island (18,000THB)
  • Private Speedboat Koh Yao (Yai or Noi) to Phi Phi Island (20,000THB)
Phuket Airport To Phi Phi Island Speedboat Private
Private Speedboat Travel To Phi Phi From Airport

Five Star Thailand will laisse luggage transfer and collection with your hotel, from the pier upon arrival. Guests staying out of town can dock the speedboat on the beach outside your resort.

Collection from Phuket Airport. No hassle. No stress. Convivence guaranteed. Our drive will be awaiting your arrival, and easily identifiable. We’ll bring you directly to the Phuket marina, where you’ll board a private speedboat to the Phi Phi Islands. The travel time is around two to three hours, about one hour by land and one hour by sea. We’ll dock the boat on the closest accessible beach to your hotel or resort in the Phi Phi Islands.

Travel Information

Looking for the most continent travel option to reach the Phi Phi Islands? We know you’re probable feeling a little tired after flying, luckily on a private speedboat you’ll get to Phi Phi hassle free and in record time. Whizz past the ferry as you cross the the Andaman sea in style. You’ll have sole use of the speedboat to yourself, transferring direct from Phuket to the Phi Phi Islands. When we arrive to Phi Phi, we’ll park our speedboat as close to your accommodation as possible and alert your hotel of your arrival time and location so staff can be on hand to assist you. We’ll park at the main pier (Tonsai) for those staying in the town.

We also include a land transfer from Phuket Airport so you can eliminate the confusion, when you exit the airport. Our driver will be waiting for you to arrive and will be easily identifiable with a name-board. We’re also on hand to help out.

We travel directly to the Phi Phi Islands, it takes around an hour to drive from the Airport in the north or Phuket, to the marina, in the south. And the speedboat crossing takes a little over one hour. In total, the travel time is close to two and a half hours, after leaving the airport. Keep in mind it can take up to an hour, and even longer in some cases to pass through the airport and immigration.

We can operate our private speedboat to the Phi Phi Islands during daylight hours. For flights arriving later than 2:00 PM, we are unable to provide any travel service to Phi Phi Island on the same date. Your flight must land between the hours of 5:00am to 2:00pm, to make use of this private transfer.

Boat To Phi Phi Island Private From Phuket Airport Travel
Phuket Airport Flight To Phi Phi Private Transfer

We provide travel from Phuket Airport to the Phi Phi Islands by private speedboat. As it is a private service which we offer, we can be somewhat flexible. If you need collection from another location in Phuket, asides from the airport, for example, do let us know. Or if you have any other special requests, we will do our best to accommodate.

Detailed Travel Itinerary

Service operating during day-light hours. For flights arriving after 3’o’clock, an overnight stay in Phuket is necessary, before travelling to Phi Phi the following day.

Flight Arrival To Phuket Airport

We recommend allowing at least 60 minutes to pass though immigration and baggage collection at the airport.

Exit The Phuket Airport

Our drivers are licenced to operate from the airport and very welcoming. We’ll be waiting for you to exit the airport with your name on our board making us easy to spot.

Phuket Airport to The Phuket Pier

The heat can be intense when you first touch down in Phuket from abroad, it can take some time to climatize. All our car and mini-vans are modern, comfortable and most importantly; air-conditioned. It take about one hour to drive from leaving the airport to arrive at the harbour where your private speedboat and crew are waiting.

Private Speedboat To The Phi Phi Islands

Board you very own private speedboat for your travel to Phi Phi. We’ll leave straight away, (once you’re ready), you’ll have the chance to see the most beautiful scenery, seas, rock formations and islands as you pass. So make sure to have charged your camera beforehand. The speedboat is the quickest choice to get to Phi Phi, making the crossing in half the time it takes on the ferry! We’ll stop at the main pier if your hotel is in the town, but for more remote resorts and accommodations, we’ll stop on the nearest beach possible. We will also alert your hotel of the arrival time and location so staff can be on hand to help with your luggage.

What’s Included

  • Private land-transfer from your resort at the selected departure area (must have road access).
  • Private speedboat transfer to Phi Phi Islands.
  • Meet at greet liaison service from the pre-booked resort at Phi Phi Island.
  • Luggage transfer without weight or size restriction.

What’s Not Included

  • Phi Phi Island entrance fee charged at 20 Thai Baht per person.