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Why join our affiliates programme?



What are the criteria to join?

We don’t let everyone join our programme, we vet each of our partners in order to make sure our tours and services are not being mis-sold or misrepresented. In order to join, you must have your own space on the web, and you must provide quality content related to travel & tourism, Thailand or better yet; Koh Phi Phi.

We accept affiliates on a case-by-case basis but generally speaking you’ll need a domain authority greater than 20 and a track record of publishing travel-related content for at least one year.

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To prevent the need to use affiliate links- and to help maintain the quality of your content, we support direct link tracking. Any sales earnt on a referral from your site will earn you an affiliates commission. Make sure to click the ‘Direct Links’ tab in your dashboard, and add your referring domain to start earning! Link to our homepage, or a specific tour page that fits your content, so long as the referral comes from your URL, you’ll be credited for any sales!

Direct Link Tracking Explained

Direct Link Tracking is an advanced feature that allows you to link directly to our site without additional parameters in the URL.
For example, instead of:, you can simply use (or any specific tour page).

How it works:

When a visitor comes to Five Star Thailand Tours from your site, we can see the URL of the referring website by checking the HTTP_REFERER information sent by the browser.

Direct Link advantages

This kind of linking has several advantages:

The link does not appear to be an affiliate link

Many people will not click on a link they recognize as an affiliate link. When you use affiliate links on your site, visitors will know that you earn commissions for promoting Five Star Thailand Tours, and may less likely believe in your review and click on the link. Direct Link Tracking removes that perceived bias.

Visitor cannot remove your affiliate parameters

Again, there are people who will not purchase through affiliate links, even if there is no disadvantage for them.

Remember based on your site’s location, you may be required by law to provide proper affiliate disclosure.

How to use it

To use Direct Link Tracking, you have to set up your URLs in the Direct Link section in your affiliate portal. Or contact us, and we’ll do it for you!

These are URL addresses of YOUR sites, where you’ll place your links to Five Star Thailand Tours. These cannot be social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and others) if you wish to promote us via social media, please contact us so we can provide you with a standard affiliate link.

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